Nursing Students Present Research Findings

Augustana University nursing student present research findings.

Studies show that 59 percent of cancer patients experience pain in association with the progression of the disease and as side effects to anti-cancer treatments.

For AU nursing majors Sarah Frederes, Bethany Kinney, Allison Warne and Eden Yishak, 59 percent is high — too high. As seniors engaged in clinical work experiences at Sanford Health and Avera Health in Sioux Falls, the four decided to explore how nursing professionals could help oncology patients struggling with pain management.

One effective method they found was music.

“When music was incorporated on oncology units as a non-pharmacologic method for reducing pain, patients reported lower pain ratings than with standard care alone,” the four reported in their research presentation, “Effectiveness of Music on Oncologic Pain.”

Frederes, Kinney, Warne and Yishak were among dozens of Augustana nursing students who presented their research findings on Friday morning inside the Froiland Science Complex as part of the “Perspectives in Professional Nursing” course.

“We wanted to pursue this research project because we felt like music is something that, as nurses, we can implement on our own to improve a patient’s quality of life.” 

— Sarah Frederes, Bethany Kinney, Allison Warne and Eden Yishak
Augustana Nursing Students 

And improve, it does.

The students' research showed that 70 percent of patients who listened to music reported reduced pain. The group also learned that music is most effective when patients select the genres.

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