Students can assist with ongoing faculty research starting their sophomore year by taking our Directed Research course.

Why become involved in research?

  • Research allows you to pursue answers to questions that you think are important. Research allows you to test your ideas — to find out whether or not your ideas were right (and if it turns out that your ideas were not, you get to learn something new!).
  • Depending on your career goals, you may find that you will need to complete graduate school. If so, you are likely to need strong letters of recommendation. Research experience also may be required to be accepted into a graduate program. Working on research with department faculty is a great way to attain both of those.
  • Research skills are valuable in many other careers; having this experience will make you a more desirable candidate for numerous jobs.

Ways to get involved with research

  • Recommended for sophomores: Take PSYC 270 Statistics and PSYC 271 Research Methods as an introduction to the basics of the research process
  • Recommended for sophomores/juniors: Apply for PSYC 393/394 Directed Research to join a faculty member's research team
  • Recommended for juniors/seniors who are interested in graduate study or careers involving research, and who have a Psychology GPA of 3.5 or higher: Undertake an independent research project (PSYC 498 Senior Directed Research) under the supervision of a faculty member    

    • Qualified students who have gained research experience in Directed Research may wish to go on to design and conduct an original research project of their own, under the supervision of a faculty member.  Learn more about this option by reviewing the PSYC 498 and Honors in Psychology Requirement Handout.