Sioux Falls Area Math Teachers' Circle

A teacher-led mathematical problem-solving and professional development experience for middle school teachers

If you are a middle school math teacher and interested in taking part in the Sioux Falls Math Teachers' Circle, please contact Michelle Dykstra or visit and submit a request to join.

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Interested in learning more?

Visit the national Math Teachers' Circle Network and view the list of Math Teachers' Circle Network Member Circles (by state) on Google Maps.

What is a Math Teachers’ Circle, anyway?

Math Teachers' Circles are a relatively new phenomenon, but a growing number of circles are being established throughout the country. There are currently 44 active math teachers' circles which are members of the American Institute of Mathematics' network; 20 additional circles are in the planning stages.

A Math Teachers' Circle is like a book club: a group of teachers with an interest in math gather periodically (usually once a month) to immerse themselves in challenging and enriching mathematical problems. The focus of the circle is on doing mathematics, rather than on the teaching of mathematics, or development of curriculum. Book club members enjoy reading, and enhance their enjoyment of literature by sharing the reading experience with like-minded people. Similarly, collaborating with other math teachers expands one's enjoyment in mathematics.


The Math Teachers’ Circle Network is a project of the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM).