Sport Club Opportunities

Augustana Bike Club

The Sport Club Program at Augustana is part of the Recreational Services Department. A Sport Club is defined as a registered student organization that may provide a program of instruction, recreation, and/or competition in a specific sport. Sport Clubs assume a variety of types and sizes in order to meet many of the sport needs and interests of students, faculty, and staff. Each club establishes its own organizational framework, leadership, and performance level. Each Sport Club is a student organization that is administered by its members and is independent of other Sport Clubs. Group efforts by various Sport Clubs are coordinated through the Director of Recreational Services.

Individual Sport Clubs establish their own membership requirements, dues, and club programs. All Sport Clubs are available to students, faculty, and staff. For the most part, performance ability is not always important; all that is needed is interest and willingness to participate actively in the sport as well as in the management of the clubs.

Most Sport Clubs are organized with the purpose of allowing members to experience intercollegiate competition beyond the intramural level. Practice sessions leading up to a scheduled session are usually organized to enhance the competitive skill of the Sport Club team members. Competitive teams are usually coached and managed by fellow students and/or faculty members. Some clubs become highly organized while other clubs assume a low profile and participate primarily for sport socialization. This gives the participant a broad range of competitiveness that caters to everyone.

How To Join:
Call the student representative or Recreational Services (605.274.4637) if you have any questions or need further assistance.


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