Bicycle Patrol Unit

Officers of the Department of Campus Safety patrol the campus via patrol vehicle, foot and bicycle.  Every year a select group of officers participate in a bicycle training program taught by officers of the Sioux Falls Police Department.  Officers trained in bicycle procedures are assigned to bike patrol during large events and select times throughout the year. 

Our bike officers have repeatedly demonstrated their value as a rapid response resource at football games, parades, concerts, and numerous other special events on campus.  We have developed excellent working relations with the bike officers at the Sioux Falls Police Department.

The bicycle patrol offers immense benefit in terms of economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and positive public contact.  The community gains many of the advantages of a "beat officer" without the loss of mobility that dedicating an officer to foot patrol causes, and the officers are able to interact with and learn from the community. 

Four members of the Department make up the Bicycle Patrol Unit utilizing two equipped police bikes.

campus safety officer posing by statue