Message from Augustana CFO on Housing, Dining, Parking Rebates

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Augustana is monitoring and responding to the outbreak of the respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus. This is the Chief Financial Officer's message to students and parents today.

As of Thursday, March 26

Dear students and parents,

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding as we all work to adjust to new circumstances related to COVID-19.

Dedicated staff in the business and financial aid offices who have worked with you at different points during your time at Augustana have analyzed enormous amounts of data and are preparing to process rebates for campus housing, dining and parking. This is a complicated process, particularly given the challenges associated with navigating the institution's compliance and reporting expectations during this unprecedented crisis. We are committed to thoughtful, considerate, and caring outcomes for each of our students.

By April 9, each of you will be able to see the rebate applied to your account through the student portal, and each of you will have the option to a) request a refund, or b) apply the rebate as a credit to your account for next semester. We think it is important that you have this option because each student’s situation is different and because each student and family will assess variables related to the options differently. Should a student request a refund, the university is committed to processing it within 7-10 business days from the date the request is made.

Rebate Calculation for Housing, Dining and Parking

March 13 will serve as the calculation date to determine rebates. This date was chosen because all campus departments were open and operating normally through that date. Accordingly, a rebate of 52% will be applied toward housing, dining and parking charges for the interim (J-term) and spring semester. In addition, any merit-based University scholarship funds that were applied to offset housing and dining charges, consistent with our awarding policy, will be prorated.

Student Fees

As you know, the amount you pay for student fees helps support directly and indirectly the services Augustana provides its students, including counseling, academic and career advising, IT support, and recreation services. The staff responsible for providing these services are continuing to work hard to ensure — under these difficult and unique circumstances — that you have the support you need to succeed in your courses and, for those preparing to graduate, after Augie.

Therefore, the rebate will not be applied to students fees. While less is being offered in an area or two because the vast majority of you are no longer physically on campus (e.g., rec services), much more is already being done in high-need areas (e.g., career advising, IT support), and more is anticipated in other areas (e.g., mental health counseling). This is not an easy matter because we know many of you have immediate financial needs as well as genuine concerns for your classmates who may be in need of counseling or additional support finding a job in an economy that is no longer certain or stable. With that said, we encourage you to utilize the resources noted below throughout the spring semester.

It is our hope that by offering you detail and transparency on this important issue of rebates — an issue that understandably has been top of mind for most, if not all of you — that we maintain your confidence and trust in how we are handling such issues and managing through institutional implications in ways that best achieve fairness to individuals and to the university community. Our hope in providing you options is that we ease some of the immediate pressure you may face or we help you plan and look forward to fall semester and the future.

With respect and care,

Shannan Nelson
Executive Vice President & CFO