Intramurals Information


Champ Shirt Information

  • We will give out one new shirt to each champion. If someone repeats as a champion, they will choose a shirt from our "old shirt inventory".

General Information

There are many things to consider when playing or captaining an intramural team. Find answers to your questions below.

League Guidelines
There are many requirements for participation, attendance, fees, and more!


The Recreational Services Department stresses that participants display good sportsmanship at all times. The department will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse of opponents or officials, unsportsmanlike conduct, or any other inappropriate behavior. If participants do not receive high enough sportsmanship ratings throughout league play, they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament at the end of each league. Click here for rules relating to sportsmanship.

Risk Statement
Participation in Recreational Services is completely voluntary. Each individual assumes the risk for any harm or injuries caused by negligence or any intentional acts. Recreational Services staff are not responsible for injuries occurred while playing. All injuries/accidents should be reported to the supervisor in charge of competition, and a complete report made at the Recreational Services Department.

Incidents questioning an official's judgment are not a basis for protest. Only matters involving eligibility and rule interpretation will be considered. A written protest must be submitted to the Intramural Director (Mark Hecht) within 24 hours along with a $10 protest fee. Click here to access the protest form online.

Captain Information

Being an intramural captain can be a fun and rewarding experience! Captain's are able to take a leadership role on their team by taking charge of registration, scheduling, and communication to their team! It can be challenging at times, so we like to offer our captains some incentives!

Captain's Meetings
Captain's meetings are held after the entry deadline and before play begins in room 230 of the Elmen Center. If the captain is unable to attend, a representative must be present. Teams not represented at this meeting will be charged a $5.00 forfeit fee and no games will be rescheduled if there are conflicts. The purpose of these meetings is to inform participants of the particular sport's rules, schedules, and discuss general information. League schedules will be tweaked at the captain's meeting. 

Intramural Captain's Award
The captain's award is an incentive program for the people who take charge of their intramural team! To be eligible, you must attend the captain's meetings or send someone in your place. Your team cannot have any forfeits during league or tournament play. Then, you will earn 1/2 point for a league or 1 points for a tournament! Accumulate 4 points and receive an Intramural Captain long sleeved t-shirt. Accumulate 8 points and get a sweatshirt!

How To Enter Competition
Online registrations is required for all events. Captain's can go online to register their team for the selected event.