Executive Committee


The ASA Executive Committee consists of four elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and one appointed Officer (Technical Director).

Courtney Chrystal

President ~ Junior ~ Dakota Dunes, SD ~ Contact Courtney

  • The ASA President is the highest-ranking official in the Augustana Student Association. The President holds veto power over any legislation passed by the senate. The President may request reports from student organizations receiving full or partial funding from ASA and may call and preside over any Student Life Advisory Council meetings. The President reports on matters relevant to ASA at every senate meeting, represents ASA at the Board of Trustees meetings, and is the presiding officer of the President's Diversity Council.

Mekhi Moore

Vice President ~ Junior ~ Woodbury, MN ~ Contact Mekhi

  • The ASA Vice President serves as presiding officer and moderator of all official ASA Senate meetings. The Vice President accompanies the President to represent ASA at the Board of Trustees meetings. The President and Vice President have joint responsibility for making appointments from ASA membership to university councils, committees, and task forces. If necessary, the Vice President will cast the tie-breaking vote in ASA Senate meetings. 

Sara Alhasnawi

Secretary ~ Senior  ~ Contact Sara

  • The ASA Secretary records the minutes of all the meetings of the ASA Senate and maintains records of the status of all motions and resolutions presented to the ASA Senate. The Secretary provides appropriate information and documents to the ASA Technical Director for publication to the student body as delegated by the Executive Committee. 

Gedion Alemayehu

Treasurer ~ Junior ~ Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ~ Contact Gedion

  • The ASA Treasurer serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and manages the ASA Senate account, General account, Executive account, Leadership Development Fund, Community Development Fund, and Service Opportunity Fund. The Treasurer also maintains financial records of all student organizations receiving partial or full funding from the ASA.

Zach Jansen

Technical Director ~ Junior ~ Omaha, NE ~ Contact Zach

  • The ASA Technical Director's main role is to publicize the activity of the ASA Senate and ASA-sponsored student organizations by managing and maintaining the ASA website, the Viking Central website, and social media accounts. The Technical Director also works closely with the Human and Public Relations Committee to organize the Activities Fair, the Experience Expo, and senator elections.