Curriculum Committee


The ASA Curriculum Committee's mission is to improve Augustana's curriculum and better the academic lives of Augustana students

The committee will often act as a liaison between faculty members and students to ensure that students are informed about curricular developments and concerns.

The ASA President and Vice President appoint two members of the Curriculum Committee (typically the committee chair and an additional committee member) to sit on the University’s Curriculum Council as student representatives. In past years, this council has overseen the creation of the MBA and DPT programs, the Environmental Studies major, and various study abroad courses.

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for making students aware of scholarships, grants, and academic events happening on campus. In the spring semester, this committee is also responsible for organizing and choosing the recipient for the Faculty Recognition Award. Nominations will come from the student body and the Curriculum Committee will make the final decision.

This year, the Curriculum Committee will be working to increase study spaces on campus (including the possibility of bike desks and standing desks), assembling a syllabus archive, and making in-library textbooks available to students for free.