The Co-Curriculum Committee’s goal is to foster services and programs that promote a welcoming, safe, healthy, and inclusive student experience.

This committee is responsible for identifying and responding to student concerns outside of the academic realm.

The ASA President and Vice President appoint two members of the Co-Curriculum Committee (typically the committee chair and an additional committee member) to sit on the University’s Co-Curriculum Council as student representatives. This council reviews student code of conduct and eligibility policies related to student participation in co-curricular programs. 

The Co-Curriculum Committee has completed projects like creating an Interfaith Space, installing a crosswalk on Grange Avenue with the city of Sioux Falls, and purchasing plants and succulents for the Madsen Center.

This year, the Co-Curriculum Committee will work to increase sustainability on campus, like single-stream recycling at large events, eliminating plastic and styrofoam, and carrying out other projects in coordination with Augie Sustainability, along with enhancing student employment and transportation opportunities, such as a Lyft partnership.