Transfer of Credits

Use the following transfer credit policy information to aid you in your own quick assessment of how your credits will transfer to Augustana. An official credit evaluation will be completed by our Registrar’s Office once a student is admitted to the University.

If you have questions about your credits prior to applying, please contact Melissa Dysktra.

The following policies do not apply to high school students who are earning concurrent college credit prior to high school graduation. For that information, refer to our dual-credit policy page.

General Policies

Credit will normally be accepted at Augustana from an accredited college or university offering Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or a Bachelor of Science degrees.

Courses that are transferred for your selected major will be determined by the appropriate department chairperson. Any credit(s) not used toward major or general education core requirements will be treated as an elective.

Students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of coursework at Augustana and 50% of the required declared major and minor courses to receive an Augustana degree.

Course Equivalencies

Use the transfer credit predictor to see what courses have typically transferred to Augustana. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. If you do not see your course(s) listed, that does not necessarily mean it will not transfer.

Transfer students that are admitted to the University will receive a comprehensive transfer credit evaluation from our Registrar’s Office.

Click here to view which courses at Augustana are equivalent to courses from other institutions.

Core Curriculum Waivers

Augustana’s 45-credit Core Curriculum is referred to as “Sophia”, the Greek word for “wisdom”. Use the information below to determine which components of the curriculum will be waived for certain transfer students.

Completed Bachelor’s Degree

Students who have previously earned a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree will be waived from all Sophia Core Curriculum requirements.

Completed Associate’s Degree

Students who successfully complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at an accredited institution will receive a blanket waiver from all but 8 areas of the SOPHIA Core Curriculum.

View Requirements (pdf)

This policy is for college transfer students only. Students who earn a 2-year degree simultaneously with a high school diploma will have specific courses evaluated. View our dual-credit policy page.

Waiver Policy by Credit Hour

For all other traditional transfer students who do not fall into one of the aforementioned categories, following are the core curriculum waivers.

First-Year Transfer

Transferring 1-27 Credit Hours

If students have completed an English Composition course, the FYS 110 course requirement will be waived. Transfer students that begin in their first year will take FYS 112 for 1 course credit.

Sophomore Transfers

Transferring 28-57 Credit Hours

View Requirements (pdf)

Junior Transfers

Transferring 58-89 Credit Hours

View Requirements (pdf)

Senior Transfers

Transferring 90+ Credit Hours

View Requirements (pdf)