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Preparing for Your Visit

Your visit to Augustana University is customizable. Need to see the biology lab? We can do that. Hoping to meet students from the theatre department? We’ll make it happen. As much as we are able, it’s our goal for you and your family to leave campus having seen it, done it, asked it, and tried it.

Don’t have any specific requests for your campus visit? That’s okay, too. We’ll still have a great time exploring the Augustana community. 

Campus visits usually feature: 

  • a 1-hour walking tour with an AU ambassador.
  • one-on-one time with your admission counselor to discuss scholarships and financial aid.
  • Meet and greet with a professor.
  • Meet someone from your interest areas – a coach, music director, theatre director, etc

Visit Campus

We’re excited to host you! Until then, take a look around our website. There’s a lot of great information that’s sure to spark questions. Bring those and your walking shoes to your visit.

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