Global Perspectives Through Study Abroad

Augustana Nursing class of 2021

Nursing: Study Abroad

We're committed to providing a global perspective and promoting the importance of understanding self and others through extensive international experiences.

Nearly half of all Augustana graduates participate in an international experience sometime during their four years. 

The University supports global education through January term, semester, year, spring break and summer study abroad programs and interim break service learning trips. Additionally, The Augustana Band tours internationally every four years, most recently to China in 2019, while The Augustana Choir toured Eastern Europe in January 2013. Through these experiences, students return with a heightened sense of their place in the world and are better equipped to serve their professions, their families, and their communities.

"Living abroad for a semester or more and, certainly, being fluent in another language, is of immeasurable benefit when students are competing for admission into a competitive graduate school program. Universities want rounded individuals with diverse experiences; they want students who will bring new ideas and curiosities to the table. A student who knows another part of the world can bring the gift of new knowledge. It is for these reasons that graduate programs often favor candidates who willingly step out of their comfort zone and move elsewhere on the planet."

Dr. Patrick Hicks, Associate Professor of English
Augustana Writer-In-Residence

According to a past survey of students who studied abroad:

  • 79% felt it was easy to plan an international study experience with their chosen major.
  • 98% felt the international study experience was a valuable use of their time.
  • 95% felt it was a valuable investment of money.
  • 82% of students felt challenged by having to live outside their comfort zone.
  • 86% of students said they were exposed to unfamiliar situations.
  • 96% of students said they felt better prepared to live in a global society as a result of their international experience.

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