Aerial shot of Augstana University

What Sets Us Apart

Why Students Choose Augustana University

Students choose Augustana because we're located at the corner of academics and opportunity. Our foundation in the liberal arts, our commitment to faith and service, and our location in the state's largest city means that an AU education extends far beyond the classroom to unmatched undergraduate research, internship, service, entrepreneurial and global experiences for our students. The cornerstone of our academic programs and outreach efforts is a vibrant and diverse campus community made up of more than 2,100 undergraduate and graduate students from 42 states and 35 countries. It's among these 100 tree-lined acres where students form life-long friendships, make lasting memories and explore their faith.

Students choose Augustana because we are
the Place for Possibilities.

As the Place for Possibilities, Augustana is committed to providing an education of enduring worth, through dynamic academic programs and meaningful partnerships, that gives students the hands-on experience, 21st-century skills and foundation of knowledge and faith they need to build a better tomorrow.

Demonstrated Success; Exceptional Value

Augustana is priced, on average, $13,910 lower than a representative group of selective colleges in the Upper Midwest with whom we overlap in applications for first-year student admission (identified in the above graph). Among these colleges and universities that claim similar outcomes relative to graduate and professional school admission and job placement, Augustana provides exceptional academic quality and the best value.

At Augustana, 100 percent of students receive academic, talent and/or need-based financial assistance. The average overall financial aid award (scholarships, grants, work-study and loans) for new, domestic first-year students is $26,592.

See examples of initial scholarships available to new domestic students.

2018 Augustana graduates with federal loans carry average indebtedness of $38,588. According to the Project on Student Debt, that compares to an average indebtedness of $31,895 for South Dakota and $29,200 nationally.

Our Value Proposition claims illustrate what sets Augustana apart. See our claims and the evidence that supports them.