Welcome to the Place for Possibilities

At Augustana, you'll find more than 100 majors, minors and pre-professional programs led by renowned and passionate professors. You'll build experience through internships and entrepreneurial learning. And you'll find guidance to help you build a life of meaning and purpose. 


Meet Our Vikings

We're Vikings — we dream big so we can make every day count. We dream big so we can build lives of meaning and purpose. We're proud to introduce you to members of the #AugieGrad Class of 2017. They've spent the last four years working to cure disease, write the code, report the news, inspire audiences, serve those in need, create art, ask questions and discover the answers. 

Celebrating the Legacy of a Leader

In celebration of his retirement, in recognition of his good work, and in gratitude for his vision and leadership, we celebrate retiring Augustana President Rob Oliver. 

Your Voyage Awaits

Here, we believe in classrooms without borders. At Augustana, you'll learn about different cultures and traditions first-hand through our renowned study abroad programs. On campus, you'll meet students from 34 states and 38 countries around the world.