CTS 2019-20 Schedule

Dr. Pilar Cabrera, Associate Professor of Spanish & Department Chair

AU Center for Excellence in Teaching & Scholarship (CTS)

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2019-20 Spring Schedule of Workshops and Events

  • Friday, March 20

2-2:45 p.m. — Library Classroom 229
Poll Everywhere Technology, and How to Leverage Best Polling Practices in Your Classroom (Wells, Grau, Gray)

A brief outline of research-based best practices for peer instruction techniques.

  • Wednesday, March 25

3:30-5 p.m. — Library Classroom 229
Advising Session (Streufert and Krueger)

Two out of three academic advisors completed an advising survey this Fall.  Come to this highly interactive session to hear the survey results and provide input on the ways Augustana can use ths findings to drive advising excellence. The Registrar will also share registration tips and tricks or answer whatever questions you have.

  • Wednesday, April 15

3-3:45 p.m. FSC 114, Best Practices with Turnitin (Swanstrom)

Turnitin offers a number of convenient resources both in terms of time spent and quality of feedback offered to students. Come and learn about using TurnItIn to promote good pedagogy by encountering the tools in TurnItIn that allow effective, deep, and speedy feedback. QUickmark comments (the customizable commenting system), Rubrics (and ability to connect rubric categories to comments), and Peer Review (specifically how to set this one up!). The discussion and demonstration of mechanics occurs within a larger discussion of pedagogical uses for TurnItIn technology.

4-5:15 p.m. FSC 113, Guest Lecture by EDUCAUSE President & CEO John O'Brien '84

5:30-6:30 p.m. FSC 114, Lecture for students; Rate Great My Professor: A Panel of Students Representing all Three Divisions Will Share Insights on Best and Problematic (from their perspective) Teaching Practices of Professors — While Three Division Chairs Present Insights on Best and Problematic (from their perspective) Learning Practices of Students.

  • Wednesday, April 29

4-5 p.m. — Siverson Lounge of Morrison Commons
Exponential Leadership Coffee Check-in

Past Events

  • Wednesday, Sept. 18

Advising as a Form of Teaching Workshop (Nitz, O’Hara, Streufert)

View the recorded Sept. 18 conversation about advising as teaching. Advising can mean many things, from helping students register to helping them seek their lifelong vocation. Come ready to share your own experiences and exchange ideas with your colleagues. Leave ready to advance students' learning and development.

  • Monday, Sept. 23

11 a.m.-12 p.m. — Froiland Science Complex Rm. 272
Exponential Leadership Coffee Check-in

  • Tuesday, Oct. 15

3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. — Halverson Room

Alternative Advising (Streufert)

Presented at the Region 6 National Academic Advising Association Conference and recognized by attendees as the best session at the event, Billie will share best practices for teaching students to adapt to a rapidly changing labor market. Particular attention will be given to students who need to adapt early and change majors or careers involuntarily after they are denied admission into their chosen program.

  • Thursday, Oct. 24

3:30-5 p.m. — Library Classroom 229
Facilitating Helpful Peer Feedback on Papers, Projects, and Presentations Workshop (Rives-East and Irvine)

This workshop is designed to provide ideas and exercises that faculty can use to make sure that peer editing or feedback sessions - whether for writing or presentations - is productive and helpful for students. We will discuss the benefits and challenges of student peer review and consider some solutions--gleaned from faculty experience--to those potential challenges. Participants will leave with some concrete strategies they can implement in their courses immediately and in future iterations of their course.
Round Robin Workshop

Peer Review Guide

  • Thursday, Oct. 24

3:30-5 p.m. — President's Residence

Campus Resources for Advisors (Financial Aid, Honors, International Programs Office, Registrar, Student Affairs, and Student Success Center)

Whether its NCAA policies, international student visa requirements, or financial aid policies, many nuances exist in advising. Hear from diverse campus officials about ways you can best advise special populations, including student-athletes, international, honors, and exploring students. Presenters will also discuss mental health, career, and registration resources. Come to reinforce your current understanding of when and how to refer students to these campus offices. In addition to learning about advising, celebrate the end of the first half of the semester with sips and apps!

  • Wednesday, Nov. 6

10-11 a.m. — Froiland Science Complex Rm. 272
Exponential Leadership Coffee Check-in

  • Friday, Nov. 8

3:30-5 p.m. — Library Classroom 229
From Angora to Zambia: A Conversation Among Colleagues About Teaching When You're Somewhere Else in the Wide World (Ogdie, Nitz, Hicks, Cabrera, O’Hara)
When You Come Home from Studying Abroad

  • Wednesday, Nov. 20

3:30-5 p.m. — Library Classroom 229
Being Aware of Your Biases and Blind Spots (Cabrera, O’Hara, Capers)

  • Friday, Feb. 7

Siverson Lounge
Exponential Leadership Coffee Check-in