Advanced Placement Examinations

Augustana University uses the College Entrance Examination Board’s Advanced Placement and Examination in awarding advanced academic credit. High school students who achieved a sufficiently high score will receive credit and placement. The examinations are graded 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Augustana policy states that students who obtain grades of 4 or 5 are to be given automatic placement and credit. Score of less than a four will not receive placement or credit. Successful score reports are entered on the permanent transcript record of students enrolled at Augustana University. There is no transcription fee. Augustana University AP Institutional ID number is 6015. If you need to know how to send your AP scores to Augustana, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions at the Advanced Placement Website.

Placement Exam
Augustana Equivalent Credit
 Gen. Ed
Art, History ART/HIST 112: Art History Survey I 3 Western Tradition
Art, Studio/Drawing No equivalent 3 Elective
Biology BIOL 110: Biology & Human Concerns  4 Natural Science
Calculus AB MATH 151: Calculus & Analytical Geometry I  4 Mathematics
Calculus BC MATH 152: Calculus & Analytical Geometry II 4 Mathematics
Chemistry CHEM 116: General Chemistry I 4 Natural Science
Chinese No equivalent  6 Language
Computer Science A COSC 210: Computer Programming I 4 Elective
Computer Science AB COSC 211: Computer Programming II  4 Elective
Economics-Micro ECON 120: Principles of Economics I 3 Social Science
Economics-Macro ECON 121: Principles of Economics II  3 Social Science
English Lang/Comp ENGL 110: First Year Composition  4 Writing Course
English Lit/Comp ENGL 110: First Year Composition 4 Writing Course
Environmental Science BIOL 180: Intro to Environmental Science  4 Natural Science
French Language** FREN 110: Introduction to French I
-And- FREN 111: Introduction to French II
6 Language
French Literature No equivalent 3 Elective
German Language** GERM 110: Introduction to German I
-And- GERM 111: Introduction to German II
6 Language
Government, Comp. GOVT 120: Politics in a Diverse World  3 Non-Western Tradition
Government, American GOVT 200: American Government  3 US Experience
Government/Politics US GOVT 200: American Government  3 US Experience
History-US HIST 120: American Exp. to 1877
-And- HIST 121: American Exp. since 1877 
6 US Experience
History-European HIST 111: Western Civilization II 3 Western Tradition
History-World HIST 110: Western Civilization I 3 Western Tradition
Human Geography GEOG 120: Introduction to Human Geography  3 Social Science
Japanese No equivalent 6 Language
Latin, Vergil CLAS 205: Elementary Latin I
-And- CLAS 206: Elementary Latin II
6 Language
Latin, Catullus-Horace CLAS 205: Elementary Latin I
-And- CLAS 206: Elementary Latin II
6 Language
Music Theory MUSI 120: Music Fundamentals
-And- MUSI 121: Beginning Theory
6 Fine Arts
Physics 1 PHYS 160: Physics for Life Sciences I 4 Natural Science
Physics 2 PHYS 160, 170: Physics for Life Sciences I & II  8 Natural Science
Physics 3 PHYS 221, 222: General Physics I & II  8 Natural Science
Psychology PSYC 115: General Psychology 3 Social Science
Spanish Language** SPAN 110: Introduction to Spanish I
-And- SPAN 111: Introduction to Spanish II
6 Language
Spanish Literature No equivalent 3 Elective
Statistics ECON/PSYC 270: Statistics  3 Elective

Advising Note: It has come to our attention that the use of Advanced Placement credit varies among some medical schools. Please be aware that some medical and professional schools will not recognize Advanced Placement credit as fulfillment for admission requirements. While students may still receive credit at Augustana for Advanced Placement classes, they may wish to consult with the health professions advisor concerning this matter. For further information please email Dr. Paul Egland in the Biology Department (
**View details on the University's use of Advanced Placement scores for the French, German and Spanish languages.