College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The Augustana General Education Plan requires students to develop competencies in several skill areas that the faculty feel are crucial to students' success in life. If, however, you have already acquired a high level of competence in one or more of these skill areas, you may want to demonstrate your ability through one of the valuable test-out opportunities listed below.

1. College Level Examination Program

Augustana is a limited test site (Limited test centers will test only those students admitted to, enrolled at, or allowed access to the institution or test center.) for the College Board’s CLEP program. Students achieving the minimum passing score or higher will have the equivalent course noted on their transcript with credit granted toward graduation requirements. Augustana accepts only specific CLEP subject exams using the American College Testing C-level recommended scores for most exams, (See the following pages for approved CLEP tests and Augustana’s course equivalents). When appropriate, students will also be excused from the corresponding course in the general education requirements. The CLEP testing fee is currently $89.00 and must be paid at the time of registration. See updated CLEP registration procedure at The Success Center strongly recommends that students speak with their academic advisor before scheduling any exams. For detailed information see Information for Test Takers College-Level Examination Program

2. Departmental Test Out Opportunities

The departments of Communication and Theatre, Philosophy, and English offer test-out opportunities that demonstrate proficiency in a particular course. Upon successful completion of the exam, a student may earn credit for the corresponding course:

• Communication 110: Introduction to Communication
• Philosophy 120: Critical Thinking
• English 110: First-Year Composition

The Communication and Philosophy exams are up to 90 minutes long. The exam in critical thinking tests a student's reasoning skills and ability to evaluate arguments. The exam in speech consists of two parts, a 75-question multiple-choice, written test and a performance evaluation to be completed upon passing the written component. The English exam includes objective questions and an essay. Each section takes up to 90 minutes to complete.

There is a prepaid fee of $100.00 for each exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, the student receives credit for the course. If a student is not successful on the first attempt he or she is able to retest one more time six months after the initial exam. The $100.00 fee is required for any repeated tests.

How to Arrange Departmental Test-Out and CLEP Exams
Augustana encourages incoming students to investigate the departmental test-out/CLEP options. These options are available throughout the academic year as requested. For more information, or to arrange an exam, contact:

Susan Bies
Accessibility & Academic Support Services
Student Success Center Suite, room 100 Edith Mortenson Center
Call: 274.5503 or 274.4127 or Email:

CLEP Subject Examinations and Augustana Course Equivalent
CLEP Examination    CR Augustana Course Equivalent Minimum Score
Composition and Literature      
College Composition 3 ENGL 110 (notated as "W" component for the Core requirements) 54
Foreign Languages      
French I and II  6 FREN 110-111 50
French III and IV  14 FREN 210-211 59
German I and II 6 GERM 110-111 50
German III and IV 14 GERM 210-211 60
Spanish I and II 6 SPAN 110-111 50
Spanish III and IV 14 SPAN 210-211 63
History and Social Sciences      
American Government 4 GOVT 200 50
Introductory Psychology  3 PSYC 115 50
Human Growth & Development  3 PSYC 210 50
Microeconomics  3 ECON 120 50
Macroeconomics  3 ECON 121 50
Introductory Sociology  3 SOCI 110 50
Science and Mathematics      
Precalculus  4 MATH 150 50
Calculus  4 MATH 151 50
General Biology  3 BIOL 197 (Non-Lab) 50
General Chemistry  3
CHEM 197 (Non-Lab)
Principles of Management  3 BSAD 320* 63
Financial Accounting  3 ACCT 210* 65
Introductory Business Law  3 BSAD 340* 57
Principles of Marketing  3 BSAD 310* 65
Information Systems  3 BSAD 205 50

*A student majoring in Business may apply only one CLEP examination as a substitute for a required BSAD course (i.e., BSAD 310, BSAD 320, BSAD 340 or ACCT 210).  Business students will not be allowed to substitute the CLEP exam for a course that they previously failed at Augustana.  Students will still need to earn at least 24 BSAD classroom credits to satisfy the major requirements.  (They will need to take an elective BSAD course to make up for the 3 credits earned from CLEP.)

 Any student hoping to apply more than 9 credit hours of CLEP to a single major must consult with the department chair. Students who are considering graduate or professional school after earning their undergraduate degree should also contact these respective programs to identify if CLEP satisfies any of their prerequisite requirements.