Student Employment

Students are employed on campus in two ways:

  1. The Federal Work-Study Program. Students qualify for this federally funded program by filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and demonstrating financial need. Students who are eligible for Federal Wok-Study will have Federal Work-Study Opportunity listed on their financial aid offer.
  2. Institutionally-Funded Student Employment. This is also sometimes referred to as "work-study" but is paid by Augustana, not Federal funds.

Work-Study Specifics:

  •  If you are an incoming new student and have Federal Work-Study Opportunity listed on your financial aid offer, you will receive additional information regarding how to seek out and interview for open positions. This information will be sent to your Ole Email beginning in April.  
  • All students who work on campus must complete a W-4 and I-9. These forms will be completed in person and require you provide specific documentation of your identity and eligibility to work in the United States. A list of acceptable documentation can be found here. You can complete these documents at any time prior to working. You may complete these documents in the financial aid office or business office. Be sure to bring original documents, photocopies are not accepted. 
  • If you have not been offered work-study but are interested in an on-campus job, please submit an Augustana Employment Inquiry. You will be sent information about institutionally-funded employment opportunities on campus. Additionally, if you are also eligible for federal work-study, you will be sent more information about how to be added to the work-study waiting list.

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Contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions about this process.