Viking Life: Summer 2018

viewpoints: a message from president Stephanie Herseth Sandlin

I often say that Augustana University is exactly like nowhere else on

Our home is 100 acres of lush green grass, crisscrossing footpaths, tall shade trees, historic buildings and new cutting-edge facilities … all located at the center of the state’s largest city — home to the region’s best health care centers, Fortune 500 businesses, a vibrant arts and entertainment sector, boutique and top retail shopping, parks and recreation, great restaurants, downtown, uptown and so much more.
To realize the true essence of just how special Augustana really is, well, you just have to see it. You have to experience it for yourself.
That’s why you need to visit campus.

Whether you choose an individual visit designed just for you, or you join us for a larger Visit Day event, your AU visit experience will feature a welcome from our Admission team, an in-depth campus tour, the opportunity to visit with professors and students, a peek inside classrooms, labs and studios, and the chance to explore our residence halls and see for yourself why Augustana University is indeed the place for possibilities.

During your visit, you’ll learn about our national rankings and areas of distinction; you’ll have an opportunity to explore our majors and programs; and you’ll discover how Augustana partners with students and families to make an AU education affordable (have we mentioned students receive, on average, more than $26,000 in scholarships and financial aid each year?). You’ll also learn why nearly 30,000 alumni accepted the call to Be a Viking and join us at Augustana: 

We are a Place for Explorers
If you’re an explorer — one who is undecided about a major or minor — at Augustana, you’re in good company. Approximately 7 percent of our incoming first-year students are unsure of what to major in when they arrive. Know that our great professors and caring student life teams are dedicated to helping our students find their passions and discern their callings.

We’ll walk alongside you to consider which of our more than 100 majors, minors and pre-professional programs aligns with both your interests, and with the kind of life you want to create for yourself. Outside the classroom, we’ll introduce you to more than 100 student clubs and organizations, which foster opportunities for you to earn hands-on experience, build camaraderie among friends, have fun and serve those in need along the way. 

We are the Region’s Premier Research University
At Augustana, we believe research isn’t limited to a laboratory or defined only by those who wear plastic goggles.
In addition to our robust biomedical and scientific research endeavors, at AU, deep and broad exploration and discovery happens within every major, throughout every academic division on campus. In the Humanities, our journalism majors have researched the impact of social media on news consumption and interpretation; in the Social Sciences, our education majors have studied how different pedagogies impact K-12 learning outcomes; and in the Natural Sciences, our mathematics majors have explored how international shipping companies can enhance delivery times using algebraic algorithms, just to name a few. Our research findings give rise to new pathways, better solutions, improved treatments and stronger communities.

We are Guided by our Core Values
At Augustana, we believe higher education is about more than just landing a great job after graduation. Here, we believe education gives way to social responsibility — the duty we all have as citizens to make tomorrow’s world even better than today’s.
If you’re reading this, it’s because you, too, realize that a college education will help you build a life of meaning and purpose.

At Augustana, you’ll develop a broad foundation of knowledge in your chosen major and in areas that matter to all of us as human beings. Through internships, clinical work, research, service and volunteerism, you’ll gain valuable experience that will compliment your coursework and allow you to make important professional connections. In the classroom and through your experiential learning endeavors, you’ll build valuable leadership skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively, think critically and operate with a global perspective. And as you navigate your Augustana journey, you’ll be able to rely on our five core values of Christian Faith, Excellence, Liberal Arts, Community and Service to serve as your compass. They make up the fabric of our campus community, are cornerstones to our culture and are alive in our students, faculty and staff. 

We are the Launch Pad for Success
We’re proud to say that after four years on campus, our graduates report success in their professional and post-graduate pursuits. Among the class of 2017, 99 percent of graduates are employed in their chosen field — evidence of the fact that choosing an Augustana education is among the smartest and most important investments one can make; an investment that yields immeasurable returns. Learn more about our graduate outcomes on page 8.

Our admission team looks forward to hearing from you so schedule your visit to Augustana today — I look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Yours, for Augustana,
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin