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Student volunteering in soup kitchenWhy Volunteer?

Research shows that community service has a variety of positive effects on college students, including enhanced civic responsibility, increased academic development, better GPAs, and heightened aspirations for advanced degrees. Students who participate in community service tended to spend more time studying, had greater contact with faculty members, increased social self-confidence, and enhanced leadership ability.
We volunteer for many different reasons. To make a difference in the world, to explore career possibilities, to share skills with others, to develop new job skills, for fun, etc.
Getting involved is an essential part of the education process. This is something that is promoted though the core values and we strive to reinforce though out the academic year with volunteer efforts.


Serving and Learning Together (SALT) is a student organization that is devoted to service. The purpose of SALT is to educate and inform both the Augustana and Sioux Falls communities about volunteer related opportunities. SALT shall provide resources for students to come together and participate actively in the community. Also SALT will act as a liaison between Augustana and the Sioux Falls community finding, promoting, and nurturing volunteerism.

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