Schoeneman Apartments

Schoeneman ApartmentsThe Schoeneman apartments are located just west of the Elmen Center at 1411 - 1419 W 33rd St. This facility is designated for upperclass students.

Schoneman offers a single two-person unit and four four-person units for 18 students. Amenities include on-site laundry facilities, a garage (one stall for each apartment), and private off-street parking.

Living at Schoeneman has many benefits. The apartments are located very near the main campus, allowing students the independence of apartment-style living in the Sioux Falls community. However, Schoneman offers the convenience of campus life, as the complex is close to the Elmen Center and athletic facilities, and only a few minutes walk from the Morrison Commons and all academic buildings. Rent is paid once a semester rather than monthly like most apartments and rentals, and wireless internet is included in the cost. Bedrooms are furnished with bed(s), dresser(s), and study desk(s) and chair(s). Living room and dining areas are also furnished.

Apartment placements are determined during room selection in the spring semester of each academic year.