Weather Information

In the event of a thunderstorm, we will continue with lessons as usual. Our pool is grounded, and lightning does not affect us! In the event of a tornado watch, we will notify parents of the situation, but continue with lessons. Parents can decide if they want to stay or go! If the tornado sirens go off, indicating a tornado in our area, we will evacuate the pool and retreat to our locker rooms where we will remain until the warning ends. Parents are encouraged to stay with us until an "all clear" is given. A decision about whether we will have make up lessons (and when they will be) will be made by Sherry and announced as soon as possible.

Winter Weather
Augustana Learn to Swim operates on the same calendar as the rest of the Augustana Campus. Lessons will not be canceled due to weather unless Augustana closes campus and cancels other events (i.e. basketball games, concerts, etc.). We understand that some of our swimmers come from out of town, and that travel situations may be different from those who live in town. If you are unable to get to lessons safely please stay home, but contact us so we can let the instructor know as well as answer any questions you may have.