Summer Housing

Spend your summer in Sioux Falls!

Summer Housing is available to students for use during the months of June, July, and August. Typically, students are housed in theme houses and apartments, though a few floors in a tower residence hall may also be used.

Please be sure to read through all of the following information to ensure that you understand eligibility, placement, transitions, rates, and applying to live on-campus during the summer.


While we do work to accommodate anyone who has a need to be on-campus for the summer, we reserve summer housing spaces, first, for students who are:

  • Working or required to be on-campus due to a summer grant, work study, or specific departmental or program needs; or
  • Taking courses at Augustana. Online courses are acceptable, and there is no minimum credit requirement.

Once all students who require housing for these purposes have been placed, additional vacant spaces are offered to others who have applied, in accordance with our summer housing waiting list. 


Students may apply to live in a specific theme house or apartment community as a group or as an individual. Campus Life staff will make every effort to meet space and roommate preferences for summer housing, but specific assignments are not guaranteed.

If you have been awarded a theme house or apartment for the coming fall semester, the Campus Life Office will work to give you preference for that location for the summer. However, if the group awarded that space for the fall is unable to fill the space for the summer, other students who have applied for summer housing may be placed there as well.

Limited space in Granskou Hall will be available in both single and double rooms.


Transitions refer to the times during which students are moving from one housing location on-campus to another. These transitions are often very difficult to coordinate and involve a number of departments on campus who are each responsible for a different aspect of that transition. As a result, we ask that students be patient and understanding throughout the summer housing and transition processes.

For Summer 2016, the transition dates that all students need to be aware of are:

  • May 23- 29, 2016- Spring to Summer Housing Transition Week. Students not able to transition during Transition Week must vacate their space by Spring Closing (Friday, May 20th) and may return for move in on Sunday, June 5th.
  • June 5, 2016 - Move In Day for Summer Session 1/ All Summer Residents
  • July 2, 2016 - Last day of Summer Housing Session 1. Students leaving at the end of Summer Housing Session 1 are required to check out by 12pm.
  • July 3, 2016 - Move In Day for Summer Session 2
  • August 3, 2016 - Last day of Summer Housing Session 2. Students leaving at the end of Summer Housing or not signed up for 2016- 2017 on campus housing are required to check out by 12pm.
  •  August 15- 21, 2016- Summer to Fall Transition Week. Students not able to transition to their fall housing during this week must vacate their space on Summer Closing Day (August 3, 2016) and return to campus on Fall Move In Day.

In order to make these transitions as smooth as possible for all involved, it is expected that students will adhere to the requirements laid out above. Any questions or concerns about these transition dates should be directed to the Campus Life Office at 605.274.5215 or by e-mail at


View Rates for Summer Housing 2015 for specific rate information.

Discounted Housing

Some students may be eligible for a discounted Summer Housing rate.  In order to be eligible, a student must be working at least 25 hours per week on campus through a grant or institutionally funded work study position. The discounted rate is applied only to summer sessions where students work 25 hours or more on campus.

Additional Costs

The only additional cost associated with Summer Housing is for cable television. With the exception of the Duluth Place and Schoeneman Apartments, cable television can be purchased for any location on campus. Duluth Place and Schoeneman Apartment residents will need to contact Midcontinent Communications to set up cable television for the summer, should they want it. Only one connection per apartment or theme house is allowed. Also, please note that the cost of cable television will be split between all room or housemates once requested.

All students will be contacted via e-mail at the start of each Sumer Housing Session to ask about cable preferences for that session. Cable television can be requested any any point during a Summer Housing Session, however the rate will remain the same and no proration will be offered for late additions or early cancelations.

Important Billing Details

Please note the following billing details, as they will affect your account during the summer:

  • Students will be billed for an entire Summer Housing Session, regardless of when they choose to leave during that session. The Campus Life Office will not pro-rate any Summer Housing Session rates, including cable television.


Complete your Summer Housing Application here.

Summer Coordinators

Each summer, we hire  Summer Coordinators to assist Campus Life with the oversight of our Summer Conferences and Summer Housing programs.  Please visit Summer Coordinators for more information about the position and to apply.