Endowment Campaign

Froiland Plains Indian Gallery at the Center for Western Studies

The Froiland Plains Indian Gallery at the Center for Western Studies.

Campaign Exceeds $1.5 Million Goal!

The campaign to increase the endowment for the Center for Western Studies reached a milestone this summer. As of July 31, gifts of more than $1.2 million have earned the $300,000 challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), bringing the amount raised to over $1.5 million. CWS-designated endowment funds, including those supporting the Boe Forum on Public Affairs, now exceed $7 million.

The grant provides an additional year to collect outstanding pledges and complete the final performance report required by the NEH. Core programs that will benefit from this campaign are the following: Archives and Library, Art Program and Educational Exhibits, Dakota Conference, Publications, and the Fantle Building. Executive Director Harry Thompson, project director and co-author of the NEH grant (with Paul Krueger), remarks, "As the result of the generous commitment by many individuals to this endowment campaign, the Center is entering a period of unsurpassed financial stability."

Contact Harry Thompson at (605) 274-4007 or harry.thompson@augie.edu to help build the CWS endowment.

The Center for Western Studies NEH Challenge Grant

In 2008, the Center was awarded the $300,000 challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The grant provides a 4:1 match for gifts to the Center’s endowment campaign.  For more information, read the Augustana College press release.

Key program areas include:

Archives & Library Program $250,000
To provide support for the purchase of new books about the region, to maintain current journal subscriptions, and to support the ongoing costs of managing an archive.

Art Program & Educational Exhibits $250,000
To support the Center’s permanent exhibits, Artists of the Plains Art Show & Sale, permanent art collection, and gallery exhibits.

Dakota Conference Program $250,000
To support the annual national history conference on the Northern Plains which attracts 300 participants nationwide each year and focuses on contemporary as well as historical issues.

Publications Program $250,000
Although a small academic press, the Center has published more than 75 books. This endowment will create seed money for publishing projects, enabling the Center to begin projects in advance.

Fantle Building Fund  $150,000
This amount will increase the building fund, allowing for upkeep and maintenance of the Center’s home for years to come.

Other Endowment  $50,000

NEH Match  $300,000

TOTAL  $1,500,000

The CWS Endowment Campaign is part of the College's $120 Momentum Augustana campaign.

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