Upon program completion and graduation from the university, graduates are eligible to apply for their teaching certificate.

The following steps outline the process to apply for and obtain an initial certification.

Application for SD teacher certification is done online.

Click here to begin and click on APPLY and enter your information.

Keep the following in mind when entering information:

  • Use a permanent address
  • If you anticipate a name change, use the one you want to appear on your certificate
  • For graduation or program completion date use the expected date published by the college
  • Select the 5-year certificate option

Teacher candidates can initiate this process prior to program completion or graduation, but your application will not be processed or verified until your transcript has been finalized with a graduation date.  In addition, some states have very strict timeline guidelines for the certification process thus be sure you are checking this before you initiate the process.  Finalized transcripts showing a graduation date will not be processed until after finals week during the term of program completion.

It is the applicant's responsibility to arrange for a finalized, official transcript required for the application process; click here for information on transcript requests.

Once all information including finalized transcripts and payment information are completed, the Certification Officer will verify your information and recommend your application to SD DOE.

Once your application has been processed and your certificate has been issued, you will receive notification via e-mail from SD DOE.

You will not receive a paper or hard copy of our certificate, rather it will be included as a PDF in the e-mail you receive from SD DOE.

Typically, the process takes 3 weeks, however, during high or low volume times, this can vary.

Information about how to obtain a coaching endorsement for the state of SD can be found online as follows:  ARSD and SDHSAA.

SD requires anyone applying for an initial or renewal certificate as a teacher, administrator or other education professional to participate in a minimum of one clock hour of suicide awareness and prevention training--this requirement begins July 1, 2017.  Information about suicide awareness and prevention training (Senate Bill 129 passed by the 2016 Legislature) is available online.

Check online within your account or contact the SD DOE via e-mail certification@state.sd.us with questions about your application status.

If you are interested in seeking teacher certification for other states, contact Augustana University's Certification Officer for guidance.






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