Emergency Notification System (ENS)

Augustana University has implemented a service that will allow the University administration and security professionals the ability to reach all students, faculty and staff with time-sensitive information during unforeseen events or emergencies using voice, e-mail and text messaging. During critical situations, Augustana University officials can use the notification system to broadcast pertinent information and provide details on appropriate response (e.g., school closing due to inclement weather, chemical spills, acts of violence, etc.).

The Connect-ED service can deliver one pre-recorded message to up to six phone numbers (cell phone and land line), two e-mail address and one text message for each student, faculty or staff member who registers to receive these alerts. The Connect-ED service will help us provide a safer environment, enhance emergency preparedness and keep our campus community better informed.

The notification system is available to all students, faculty and staff of Augustana University. The system is only as good as the information provided by our students, faculty and staff. We encourage everyone to participate. When you register, you will have the ability to enter up to six phone numbers to be notified in the event of a critical situation. You can enter one or you can enter all six. We encourage you to discuss this as a family to determine if numbers other than just the students' number should be included.  It is possible some of the six numbers used could be parent contacts. The best emergency contact number is probably your cell phone. The information you provide will not be shared with other entities and will be kept private and confidential. The information provided will be used for Augustana University emergency communication purposes with you only.

Don't miss out on critical news; log onto my.augie.edu and go to the Emergency Notification System to register your information to receive emergency notifications. If your contact information changes, you may also update ENS information later by going into the Portal.  For employees it is found under Human Resourses and for students it is found under Student Services.

Contact the Department of Campus Safety, 605.274.4014, if you have any questions about the Emergency Notification System (ENS).