Investing in Athletic Excellence: $10 million

Kirkeby-Over Stadium.

In the most dynamic expansion in the history of Augustana athletics, the College has taken the Vikings to a whole new level of competitive success and support.  The addition of the Hall Football Complex and Sanford Practice Gymnasium, the renovated Bill Hall Baseball/Softball Complex, and new sponsorship opportunities, scoreboards and signage have instilled a new sense of excitement for Viking athletics.

And now, with the opening of Kirkeby-Over Stadium, the Augustana Soccer Field and the Huether Tennis Centre, Augustana has reached a whole new level of enthusiasm and momentum.

With the completion of the Larson Track and Field Complex, Augustana will have created one of the finest Division II athletic complexes in the nation, to serve the more than 325 exceptional young men and women who captivate the interest of the campus community, alumni, friends and fans with their significant academic and athletic achievements. Augustana’s exceptional student-athletes and their outstanding coaches understand the important integration of academic excellence and athletic performance. Support of the Athletic programs at Augustana helps our players and teams to compete at the highest level.