Fitness Incentive Programs

Get Fit

12 Days of Christmas

Miles Club

Group Fitness Challenge

Swim to Spring Break

Summer Shape Up


Get Fit

The Get Fit Program is a cross training incentive program that rewards participants with prizes for the number of times they exercise in a specified time period. Prizes are given after 20 to 40 workouts with are completed within the 12 week period.

In addition to proper nutrition and effective stress relief, exercise is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. Regular, consistent workouts offer health benefits, including a firmer, trimmer appearance, assistance in weight loss, stress-relief, and increase cardiovascular endurance and stamina.


You may receive credit for doing any of the following activites:

  1. Swimming
  2. Group Fitness Classes
  3. Weight Training
  4. Racquetball
  5. Using fitness equipment in the weight room
  6. Playing indoor/outdoor intramurals
  7. Running on the indoor track or treadmill
  8. A number of other Recreational Services activities

The Get Fit Program is offered twice during the school year

  1. During first semester, you are allowed to record anytime between Sunday, September 3 and Thursday, December 7.
  2. During second semester, you are allowed to record anytime between Sunday, February 4 and Friday, May 11.

Get Fit Rules:

  1. Get Fit is a computer based program - we will add your name into the computer.
  2. Inform the desk worker when you have completed a workout.
  3. Participants are credited for legitimate 30 minute workouts on the day they participate.
  4. Participants may only be credited once a day and four times per week.
  5. Workouts must be completed in the Elmen Center facility except for outdoor intramurals and activites around campus
  6. Individuals must complete training in all four areas to be eligible for prizes.

Double Point Days:

  1. September 24th - Palisades Rock Climbing
  2. October 4th - Open/Women's DED Waterfest
  3. December 1st - Hydrofit
  4. February 7th - Open/Women's DED Fitnessfest
  5. April 5th - Circuit Weights
  6. May 6th - Individual and Team Triathlon


Successful completion of 20 and 40 cross-training workouts entitles participants to get prizes. Recipients will be notified when prizes may be picked up and are encouraged to attend a brief photo opportunitiy.

12 Days of Christmas

Swim your way to the holiday season! You can sign up for the 12 Days of Christmas in the pool anytime from November 14th to November 27th. Recording of swim minutes can begin on November 27th.

The Specifics:

  1. Receive one point for every 30 minutes of activity in the pool.
  2. Come between 6:30am and 7:30am two times a week to gain one extra point.
  3. Points double on Friday's from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.
  4. Receive prizes for 6 and 12 points


Miles Club

The Miles Club is a program designed to motivate participants who use cardio equipment in the weight room. It gives participants the opportunity to log their miles traveled, set personal goals, and be rewarded for working out!

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up at the front desk or in the weight room from November 28th to January 3rd or any time during interim.
  2. Set a Miles Club goal!
  3. Get to the weight room and start your trek! Workouts can be recorded between January 3rd and January 26th. Following each workout, stop and check in with the Weight Room Supervisor, who will then record and initial your progress.


  • 25 Mile Club
  • 50 Mile Club
  • 75 Mile Club

Mile Conversion Chart:

  • Treadmill, Elliptical, and Indoor Track miles = straight miles
  • Bike miles = 1/3 straight mile
  • Arc Trainer miles = 1.5 Straight miles

Final Prizes:

  • 25 Miles: Water Bottle
  • 50 Miles: Towel
  • 75 Miles: T-Shirt


Group Fitness Challenge

January 3 - January 26

Purpose: get to know all the great fitness classes offered at Augustana!

What is it? This is a program offered over the month of January designed to help students try an array of group fitness classes on campus

Fitness Classes Offered:

Back Alley:

Zumba - Monday 5:30pm, Tuesday 5:30pm and Thursday 5:30pm

HardCORE Abs - Wednesday 4:00pm, Friday 7am

Weight Room:

Circuit Weights - Monday 6:30pm and Wednesday 6:30pm


Hydrofit - Sunday 7pm and Thursday 8:30pm

Multi-Purpose Room:

Yoga - Monday 7:30pm and Thursday 7:30pm

Cardio Kickboxing - Tuesday 7:30pm

How It Works:

  1. Record eight group fitness classes throughout the month of January
    1. 2 in the Weight Room
    2. 2 in the Back Alley
    3. 2 in the Pool
    4. 2 in the Multi-Purpose Room
  2. Just asterisk your name on each sign in sheet
  3. Those who complete the program (two workouts in each location) will receive a Group Fitness Challenge T-Shirt.

Swim to Spring Break

Swim to Spring Break is an incentive program for people who like to sue the pool!


  • You will receive prizes based on how many miles a week you consistently swim between February 1 and March 10.
  • You can gain points in various ways:
  1. Lap Swimming
  2. Water Aerobics Class (1 Class = 35 Pool Laps)
  3. Aqua Jogging (1/2 Hour = 18 Pool Laps)
  • Swim between 6:30am and 7:30am Monday and Friday and 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Fridays to earn DOUBLE laps


  • 1 Mile a Week = 35 laps (x4 = 140 laps total) = Prize Level 1
  • 2 Miles a Week = 70 laps (x4 = 280 laps total) = Prize Level 2
  • 3 Miles a Week = 105 laps (x4 = 420 laps total) = T-Shirt


Summer Shape Up

This swimming incentive program fruns from March 19th to May 12th and is an awesome way to get ready for summer! When you come to the pool, you will receive your own punch card with 24 spots to punch and can instantly start working toward the t-shirt prize! You can earn punches by attending a Hydrofit class (worth 3 punches), swimming between 6:30am to 7:30am or 6:00pm to 8:00pm on Fridays (worth 2 points), or swimming during open swim (worth 1 punch). Sign up for the program starts March 6th, so head on over to the Elmen Center and start swimming your way to summer!