PACT (Parish and College Together) Program

The Parish And College Together (PACT) program is a matching grant program for students from their congregations. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance for students who wish to attend Augustana University. For the 2015-16 academic year, 69 congregations assisted a total of 149 students with funds of $75,255.

How PACT Works

A student's home church submits the PACT Agreement Form to the Augustana Office of Financial Aid, listing the names of qualified students who may attend Augustana the next school year. Students can qualify for a PACT match each year they attend Augustana, subject to the specific conditions for matching, which are outlined below and on the Augustana PACT Program Agreement. Congregations participating in the PACT program must renew their agreement (including student names and amounts) on an annual basis. Complete the PACT Agreement Form online.

Amount of Matching Grant for Augustana University

To be eligible for a one-to-one match, not to exceed $500 per student for the academic year, PACT Agreement forms are requested by March 15th. Agreements received after March 15th but prior to July 1st will be eligible for a one-to-one match for the spring semester only, not to exceed $250. No match is available for agreements received after July 1st.

Renewing Augustana Match for Continuing Students

In addition to fulfilling the requirements listed above, to qualify for renewal of the Augustana matching PACT Grant, continuing students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.50 (C+) or higher at the close of the spring semester of each academic year. However, the congregation may renew its educational grant by applying its own standards for renewal.

For further information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 605.274.5216.