Pool Party Information

School Year Pool Times

  • Friday: 6pm-8pm 
  • Saturday: 5pm-Midnight
  • Sunday:  1pm-3pm and 6:00pm-7:30pm

Summer Pool Times

  • We do schedule pool parties during the summer, too! Contact us for more info! (contact info below)

The Cost:

  • 0-15 kids (1 lifeguard) = $50 per hour
  • 16-30 kids (2 lifeguards) = $60 per hour
  • 31-50 kids (3 lifeguards) = $70 per hour
  • 51-82 kids (4 lifeguards) = $80 per hour

This is the actual number in the water, including parents.


The Rules:

No outside equipment can be brought into the pool for sanitation purposes. We offer noodles, toys, flippers, etc. for use by swimmers. However, we do not have enough flippers or goggles for everyone. Due to this we allow pool users to bring in goggles but they have to wash them before they take them into the pool. Snorkel masks are not allowed.

Before entering the Elmen Center pool, everyone must take a quick shower.  At this time lifeguard(s) will meet with them briefly to explain the pool rules.

We will not schedule birthday parties when the building is closed.  An exception for that would be over fall break, Christmas, Easter, or spring break.  If this occurs, we need to first consider possible scheduling conflicts.


The Classroom: (room 230, room 241)

  • You can use the one table.
  • You can use and move the 35 desks, but just need to put them back.
  • You should bring their own garbage bags, wet wipes, paper towels, etc…
  • If there is a mess on the floor, brooms can be obtained from the front desk.
  • Since we do not charge for the classroom, we ask you to clean up in return and take garbage out of building with you. Please leave the room as you found it.


The Payment:

  • You can either pay with cash or make checks payable to Augustana.  
  • You shouldn’t pay until the date of the pool party.
  • The cash or check should first be given to the desk person. If a desk person isn’t present, you should hand the check to the lifeguard(s).


**If you want to start booking a pool party, contact Grace Worden during the school year at (gworden15@ole.augie.edu) or Mark Hecht  during the summer at (mark.hecht@augie.edu) or call the Rec Services front desk any time (605-274-4637). Please include your name, number, email, dates/times interested in, number of swimmers, age of kids, if you want to use a classroom, etc. Thanks!