Residence Hall Closing Information

Spring Semester Closing Information

All residence halls will close at noon on Friday, May 19, 2017. All residents are to leave campus within 24 hours of their final exam.  You will not be able to gain access to the residence halls once they are closed. 

Closing and Moving Instructions

In order to ensure a proper check out:

·        Arrange a time with your VA to check out of your room.  You and your VA must complete and sign the room inventory form..

·        Your room must be clean and must contain the furniture/beds that were in your room when you moved in.

·        Turn in your key to your VA or Residence Hall Director.

·        If you have a loft or microwave/fridge rental to return, look for signs posted on your floor and in your Hall lobby with information about when and where to return these items. Please clean out, defrost and wipe down your microfridge prior to leaving.

Students Participating in Graduation

Students participating in graduation will have a move out extension until noon on Sunday, May 21. Please contact your Viking Advisor or Hall Director to schedule a time to check out, and follow the same procedures as stated above.

Summer Housing

Only students with approval for summer housing will be permitted to stay after noon on Sunday, May 21, and will receive additional information on transitioing to their summer room assignment. For more information, visit our Summer Housing page.

Please note: Campus Life does not offer housing after closing day unless you are signed up for summer housing. Many students request an extension for leases starting June 1. In an effort to prepare spaces for summer residents as efficiently as possible, we do not approve requests for extensions to Spring housing.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your Viking Advisor, Residence Hall Director or the main Campus Life Office at 605.274.5215 or