Living Off Campus

Within our off campus living page you will find Augustana's residency requirement as well as information on finding a place, having a positive off campus experience, and staying safe in the community.

Augustana requires full-time students to live in on campus housing through the end of their second year. The Campus Life Office uses your high school graduation date, not your academic classification based upon credits earned, to determine your classification in relation to the two-year residency requirement.

For more information, please see our Residency Requirement.

Additional Information

  • Off-Campus approval may have implications for your financial aid package. If you are approved to live off-campus OR choose not to enroll in The Unlimited meal plan, your Augustana Gift Assistance will be pro-rated at 90% (80% for both). Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information specific to your aid package.
  • If you gain off campus approval while you are living in University housing, you must check out of your room appropriately and in a timely manner, specified by the Center for Campus Life in your approval notification.
  • Once you have been approved to live off-campus, you do not need to apply again for subsequent years.  Your approval is good for the remainder of your enrollment at Augustana.  Please contact Campus Life if you are interested in moving back on-campus.

Cancellation Policy

If you are approved to move off-campus, please be sure to cancel any spaces you are holding in college-owned housing by July 15 of your contract year, in order to avoid incurring the cancelation fee of $400 and the forfeiture of your $100 housing deposit. This cancellation fee is applicable to all students cancelling University housing to move off campus including those who are approved through the request process.

Approval Process

1. Complete an Off-Campus Housing Request Form.

2. Criteria for Approval - Students who meet the following criteria will be automatically approved upon review:

  • Married Students - Students who are married are not required to live in on campus housing.
  • Students with Children - Students who have parent or guardian status for a dependent child are not required to live in college-owned housing.
  • Part-Time Students - Students who are enrolled part-time are not required to live in college-owned housing.
  • Commuting from a Parent's or Guardian's Home - Students who will be living with a parent or guardian within the local area will be approved to live off-campus and commute from home.

For more information, contact the Center for Campus Life at 605.274.5215 or