General Info/Pool Policies

General Information

The Elmen Center is located at the corner of 33rd and Grange, on the campus of Augustana. Parking is available in the south parking lot for your convenience.

Please check in at the Elmen Center equipment desk the day of your first lesson. Even if you have paid in full, we ask that you stop to check in to complete some paperwork and get some information!

Our $20 deposits are only refundable with a doctor's note.

  • Regular attendance of lessons is encouraged as we are not able to offer make-up lessons.
  • Class sizes are limited. Register as soon as possible to ensure space.
  • The computer program will allow you to register a child for one class per level in each session. (It will allow you to register for multiple levels in the same session.) If your schedule allows you to be on additional wait lists, please contact our office, and our staff can put you on a list we keep in our office.
  • You can register for any of the summer sessions at any time, but we would advise waiting until you know whether or not the child will complete their current level. If you are unsure, please ask your child's instructor.
  • Water assistants are on hand to help students get to and from the pool.
  • There are also family locker rooms available for moms who need to assist sons, and dads who need to assist daughters!
  • Parents can watch lessons from behind the large observation windows on first or second floor in the Elmen Center, or from the pool viewing deck located inside the pool area on the 2nd floor. Water is available on the 2nd floor viewing area. Parents are not allowed on the deck during swimming lessons for liability reasons.
  • Half way reports will be given to each child after the 4th lesson.
  • Classes will be tested during the 7th and/or 8th lessons.
  • Do not allow your child to leave valuables unsupervised.

Pool Policies

Accident in the Pool?

In the event that a swimmer should get sick or have an accident in the pool we will cover safety issues as needed during the regular class time. We will also announce plans regarding make up lessons if we decide that there is a need for them. In the event of diarrhea in the pool, we must close for a minimum of 8 hours to super-chlorinate and disinfect. In the event of vomit or solid stool in the pool we must close for a minimum of 20 minutes. 

  • Googles that cover the eyes are fine but not required, but please no snorkel masks that cover the nose. 
  • For the safety of others we ask that children not toliet trained wear swim diapers. 

Weather Information

In the event of a thunderstorm, we will continue with lessons as usual. Our pool is grounded, and lightning does not affect us! In the event of a tornado watch, we will notify parents of the situation, but continue with lessons. Parents can decide if they want to stay or go! If the tornado sirens go off, indicating a tornado in our area, we will evacuate the pool and retreat to our locker rooms where we will remain until the warning ends. Parents are encouraged to stay with us until an "all clear" is given. A decision about whether we will have make up lessons (and when they will be) will be made by the Learn To Swim Director and announced as soon as possible.

Winter Weather
Augustana Learn to Swim operates on the same calendar as the rest of the Augustana Campus. Lessons will not be canceled due to weather unless Augustana closes campus and cancels other events (i.e. basketball games, concerts, etc.). We understand that some of our swimmers come from out of town, and that travel situations may be different from those who live in town. If you are unable to get to lessons safely please stay home, but contact us so we can let the instructor know as well as answer any questions you may have.