What to Do if ...

You've Been in an Automobile Accident ...

  • Call the Department of Campus Safety (605.274.4014) if an automobile accident occurs on campus.
  • You will also need to report the accident to the Sioux Falls Police Department. The Campus Safety officer can also help you make this call.
  • Vehicles involved in an accident should stop and remain at the scene without obstructing traffic more than is necessary. 
  • South Dakota law requires all drivers and front seat passengers be properly restrained with a seat belt when the vehicle is in operation.

You Need to Report a Theft ...

  • First step: call the Department of Campus Safety, 605.274.4014.
  • If the theft is in progress, call 911 or 8-911 from a campus phone. The dispatcher will obtain brief information such as your name, address, phone number where you can reached, and details about the theft in progress.
  • When you call the Department of Campus Safety an officer will be sent to meet with you to take a report. Calls for service are generally dispatched to an officer as they are received, however calls are prioritized by the urgency of the situation. Because of this prioritization, on rare occasions you may have to wait several minutes for an officer to be available to the take your report.
  • The Department of Campus Safety officer will complete a theft report but a report will also need to be made with the Sioux Falls Police Department. The Campus Safety officer can assist you in making the police report.

You are a Hunter and Want to Hunt on Weekends ...

  • Augustana University prohibits guns on campus unless they are carried by police officers.
  • The Department of Campus Safety provides a secure "safe keeping" area for weapons which are brought to campus for "sporting purposes." This safe keeping service is provided for residential students.
  • The person responsible for the weapon should bring the weapon to the Department of Campus Safety, which is located in the Morrison Commons. The weapon(s) should be transported by car to this office as soon as it is brought to campus. (Please do not walk down the sidewalk with your firearm as this may tend to alarm some).
  • The weapon should be unloaded prior to arrival at the Department of Campus Safety. The weapon should also be carried in a closed carrying case. 
  • You will be asked to complete a safe keeping weapons form. Only yourself, or a designated person you list on the safekeeping form, will be allowed to retrieve the weapon.
  • Students are allowed to check-in or retrieve weapons that have been left with the Department of Campus Safety for safekeeping, 24-hours a day.
  • Students may check in more than one weapon and the weapon(s) may be checked in and out, as many times as necessary.

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