Augieopoly: Cards

Augieopoly is a special edition customized board game celebrating all things Augustana. Risk passing or failing with the "Pass/Fail" cards and be reassured you're going to gain something when you select from the "Augie Advantage" deck.

Because pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some historical photos that relate to the game's cards:
Historical References for the Augieopoly Playing Cards

Additional historical details behind the "Pass/Fail" cards are included in the links below:

Historical details behind the "Augie Advantage"cards are included in the links below:

  • It’s move-in day of your freshman year! Head to Bergsaker or Solberg Hall to begin your college adventure.
  • Show your pride in Augie’s past and move to any one of the 3 buildings on the National Historic Register (Administration, East Hall, Old Main). Collect $50
  • Move to the Sioux Falls Depot (just like Augustana did in 1918). If it’s available, you can buy it for half price. If not, pay half the rent.
  • You’ve got mail! Head to the Morrison Commons and find $50 in your mailbox from an alumnus who had your campus box when he was an Augie student. (Earn an extra $10 if you can still remember the combination to your campus mailbox!)
  • Give your senior sermon in Chapel. Move to the Chapel and collect $10.
  • Augie’s campus is always growing. Add an apartment to one of your properties for free!
  • Today, September 1, 2015, Augustana College becomes Augustana University. Collect $100
  • You snagged Elsie’s last cinnamon roll in the Huddle! Collect $100 and celebrate all the ooey-gooey goodness.
  • China, Ireland, India… where should you travel on your study abroad trip? Collect $20 and get your passport ready!
  • You marry your Augie sweetheart. Go to the Chapel and collect $100.
  • Classes are canceled. It’s a snow day on campus! Stop at Dining Services before you go sledding and collect $50. (Don’t forget to grab a tray!)
  • Move to Tution Due, but do not pay. Thanks to the generosity of donors, you get a scholarship! Collect $100 instead of paying.
  • Go, Augie, Go! Vikings win another NCAA DII National Championship! Collect $200
  • Sing in Christmas Vespers. Collect $25
  • You’re elected ASA president. Collect $100
  • You took advantage of the Augustana alumni network and got a job right after you graduated. Collect $400

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