The Next Level in Sustainability

Sustainability is about taking care of this place we call home for both the people who live in it now and the people who will live in it in the future.

We are all connected, as a campus and as a planet, and we are more connected than we ever have been before.

Is it possible to do things that are good for us and everyone else, too? We think so.

Augustana Sustainability

In this section:

We want to help our community flourish in ways that make it possible for that flourishing to go on for a long time. Sustainability is not just a movement — it is a habit and a part of everyday life. Students at Augustana enter to learn and leave to serve. Now, more than ever.

Augustana University has received a six-figure grant from a nonprofit dedicated to helping society, the arts and the environment. The grant will allow Augustana to launch a campus-wide strategic plan to integrate sustainability into aspects such as its curriculum, its co-curricular initiatives, operations and identity.

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