Graduate Program Tuition and Fees

Graduate programs at Augustana are offered in a variety of formats and tuition and fee rates vary by program.

Traditional master's students enroll at Augustana for a specific master's degree.

4+1 students enroll at Augustana as an undergraduate and continue through their program to complete both an undergraduate degree and a master's degree in approximately 5 years.

Graduate programs offered both as a traditional master's program and in a 4+1 undergraduate to graduate format include:

Master of Arts in Sports Administration and Leadership
Master of Science in Athletic Training
Master of Professional Accountancy

2019-2020 tuition and fee charges for traditional master's programs and 4+1 format:

$17,000 per semester tuition for full-time enrollment (9-16 credits)

$490 per credit tuition for part-time enrollment (1-8 credits)

$265 per semester student fee is applied for those students classified as full time and/or living on campus

Augustana undergraduate students enrolled in a 4+1 master's program may be eligible to continue to receive their undergraduate scholarship(s) so that their 5th-year of master's level costs are similar to what their costs would have been if they had continued as a 5th-year undergraduate student. Full-time traditional master's students may be eligible for a tuition discount up to $6,750 a semester. For additional information please contact the Office of Financial Aid at

Master's degree programs offered in traditional format (not 4+1):

The Master of Art in Education program charges a per-credit-hour tuition rate that is based on the cohort in which a student enrolls.  Details regarding tuition and fee information for this program can be found here.

The Master of Science in Genetic Counseling program is offered at a discounted tuition rate. Thus, Augustana does not offer any assistantships, fellowships, or scholarships for this program. The detailed tuition and fee information for this program can be found here.

Full payment for each academic session is due on August 15th for fall semester and January 15th for spring semester.

Payment options are available: Refer to Payment Information