Doctor of Physical Therapy Tuition & Fees

A non-refundable seat deposit of $500 that will be applied toward tuition will be required within 14 days of accepting an offer of admissions. For applicants accepted into the program in the calendar year prior to matriculation, this deposit will be due no later than Jan. 15 of the year of enrollment.

The following tuition rates and associated costs are per trimester for the 2023-24 academic year. These costs are only an estimate. Variable costs of the program include lodging, food and travel to/from lab immersions and clinical rotations. Students are required to make their own travel and lodging arrangements. In addition, textbooks, computer requirements and hardware/software will vary.


Direct Costs


Cost Breakdown


Program Total




General fees: administrative support services, counseling services, library, fitness center and technology resources



Total Direct Costs | $104,000


Indirect Costs (Required)


Cost Breakdown


Program Total

APTA Student Membership Dues (annual)



Background Check (at enrollment and may be required for some clinical sites)

$275 (one time)


PT Kit

$300 (one time)


Textbooks, educational apps, licensure preparation materials (estimated)



Lab Clothes

$300 (one time)


Total Indirect Costs | $3,555


Other Indirect Costs
(estimated and variable)


Cost Breakdown


Program Total

(must meet program requirements)



Health Insurance
(required to have coverage)

(based on average state exchange rates)


Lodging, food, travel to/from seven lab immersions

$700 - $3,650
per immersion

$4,900 - $25,550

Lodging, food, travel to/from three clinical rotations

$900 - $6,600
per rotation

$2,700 - $19,800


Indirect costs are estimated costs that are not charged to a student’s university account but are still a part of life as a college student. This includes books and supplies, transportation, and personal or miscellaneous expenses. Actual expenses will vary by student.

The above costs reflect an estimate of expenses for travel and lodging requirements for lab immersion sessions and clinical education experiences. Students are required to make their own travel and lodging arrangements for these instructional periods. Any needed travel expenses and clinical education lodging will vary by student.