How to Find an Internship

Finding an internship does not have to be overwhelming. We are here to help and have provided some quick tips below to help you locate positions that fit you. 
  • Identify your objective. Are you looking to develop specific skills? Are you seeking work experience related to your major or in a specific field? Do you prefer a local business or global corporation? Begin by making a list of your preferences so you can narrow your search and target the positions that best match your values.   
  • Understand academic requirements. Visit with the internship advisor in your academic department to learn more about earning credit for your experience and previous organizations that have hosted Augustana students in your program. Because your academic advisor knows you well, he or she can also network on your behalf and help you identify skills to develop.
  • Utilize the Student Success Center. We routinely speak with recruiters and are eager to endorse your application. Many students find internships after we facilitate introductions or follow-up conversations. In addition, we can provide valuable feedback about your resume, cover letter or interview responses. 
  • Network. Speak with faculty, staff, alumni, friends, family and other acquaintances. Ask these individuals if they are hiring or have project needs within their own organization. They can also suggest other individuals for you to contact.
  • Attend employer events. Attend the Experience Expo or B.I.G. Job Fair. Speak with employers on campus through our “Employer in the Foyer” program. View our calendar online for more details.
  • Look online. Browse the listing in Augie Opportunities, which includes listings from, or Dakota Seeds (sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Labor). If you are interested in specific organizations, go directly to their website to learn more about possibilities. Professional associations or national commercial search engines, such as Intern Match and Internship Finder, may also post additional opportunities. 
  • Assess your budget. Can you afford to work for no pay? Can you afford the standard of living of urban areas if you plan on relocating for the internship? Many organizations offer valuable opportunities, but cannot offer compensation. Weigh all the benefits an internship has to offer before making your decision. Don’t forget about the funding that Augustana provides to support experiential learning
  • Create your own position. Many students find great internships by directly contacting organizations that interest them instead of looking for a posting. Although they may not have had any positions advertised, these employers often consider offering an internship when you convey your value. Emphasize that you can help with special projects and offer a fresh perspective grounded in current trends, research and technology. Contact the Student Success Center to write an inquiry cover letter.
  • Don’t overlook other opportunities to gain experience. Couple your internship with other applied learning opportunities, such as research, campus leadership positions, part-time employment, summer jobs, service learning and study abroad. You do not have to look far to find relevant experience that appeals to employers and graduate schools. Speak with your academic advisor and the Student Success Center to explore all the possibilities.