Augustana University Test-Optional Admission Policy

Augustana University seeks to remove barriers that may impede some students' ability to pursue an Augustana education. With that aim, students applying for admission for Fall 2020 may select to apply without submitting standardized test scores.

Students who believe their standardized test scores do not accurately reflect their ability to be successful at Augustana University may choose to apply using the test-optional method. 

What is test-optional?

A test-optional admission policy allows students to apply for admission without submitting ACT or SAT scores. Applicants who choose not to submit scores will be reviewed based on other measures of academic performance, such as grade point average, high school courses, and short-answer essay responses.

Test scores will still be considered for students who do wish to submit them, and those scores will still add value to their applications. Test scores will simply no longer be required of all students to be considered for admission.

Who might consider applying without submitting test scores?

Students who believe that their standardized test scores do not accurately represent their academic abilities may benefit from applying without submitting test scores. It is recommended that students choosing to apply without submitting test scores should have a minimum cumulative high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). If you have questions about whether or not this is the best option for you, contact your admission counselor.

Who is required to submit test scores?

  • NCAA student athletes: Because of NCAA eligibility rules, Augustana student-athletes are required to submit official scores in order to be declared eligible for competition. These scores are submitted to both Augustana and the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • International Students: International students are still required to submit English Language Test Scores (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE) or College Preparation Test Scores (ACT, SAT) for admission consideration.  
  • Homeschooled Students
  • Early Admission (Direct-Entry) Nursing Applicants: Students wishing to be considered for direct entry admission into our nursing program should submit test scores. Students who choose not to submit test scores during the application process may still declare a nursing major, but will apply for entry into the program during their second year at Augustana.
  • Candidates for the following merit scholarships: Some scholarship opportunities will still require test scores for participation.

*Other outside scholarships may require a standardized test score, including but not limited to Dakota Corps, South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship, and more.