Accepted Student Checklist

Augustana students on campus

Congratulations on your acceptance to Augustana University! We look forward to welcoming you in Sioux Falls and offering you an excellent experience at Augustana. Below is a checklist to help you prepare for your journey to the United States and your education at Augustana University.

Obtaining a Student Visa
Once you have been accepted to Augustana, we will send you a Letter of Admission from the University and an immigration document called an I-20. The I-20 is a student visa document that you will use to apply for an F-1 student visa. Contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in your country for specific information on applying for a student visa. For general information about the student visa application process, please visit the U.S. State Department web site.

Submit Your Enrollment Deposit
Once you have decided to attend Augustana, please submit a non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit. Pay your enrollment deposit securely online or request a phone call to pay by phone. A credit card is required for the online or phone deposit. Students who do not have a credit card may pay by international wire transfer or may send the deposit by postal money order (in U.S. dollars only).  Your enrollment deposit reserves your spot at Augustana and allows the University to send you additional information, housing, course registration and many other important steps in the enrollment process.

You must submit your enrollment deposit in order to register for classes. Twelve to sixteen credit hours per semester is considered "full-time" at Augustana.  This means students usually take four or five classes each semester.

International students who plan to graduate from Augustana University with a bachelor's degree should review the general course catalog for major requirements and the Augustana Plan (the general education requirements that you will need to graduate, along with major/minor requirements).

Visiting exchange and study abroad students have the flexibility to choose courses that meet their home school requirements, as long as you have had adequate academic preparation for the course material. 

View the tentative list of courses offered for the next term.

International students at Augustana receive lots of assistance in planning course schedules.  A member of the IPO staff will be in contact with you regarding course registration before you arrive in Sioux Falls.  You will meet with an academic advisor or a member of the IPO staff to discuss your schedule in person after you arrive as well.

Once you have submitted your enrollment deposit, Augustana's Housing Office will send you an email with information regarding your housing options. The email will include a login to your My Augie account.  Once you have access to your My Augie account, you will find an application for a living space at Augustana University. Please complete this housing application at your earliest convenience. If you have questions about the online application, please contact Corey Kopp.

Housing Damage Deposit
Your $500 enrollment deposit includes a $100 housing damage deposit.  At the end of each school year your room will be inspected for damage.  If the room is not damaged, you will receive a refund after your final semester in college-owned housing at Augustana University. 

Friendship Family Program
Augustana offers a friendship family program for international students.  While nearly all students live on campus at Augustana (and not with friendship families), having a local family can introduce you to American culture, activities, and family life away from campus. Please visit our Friendship Family page for more information.  If you are interested, please fill out a Friendship Family Student Application.

Health Forms
All students must complete health forms and have proof of required immunizations prior to the start of classes at Augustana. Please review the Augustana Health Forms.  International students are required to provide proof of immunizations for two doses of MMR (measels, mumps, and rubella), meningitis, and proof of a tuberculosis test. The University also recommends several other immunizations listed on the health forms. International students may send the health forms to the college by post, e-mail or upon arrival.  We recommend that you obtain vaccinations in your home country. It will likely be less expensive. You can arrange for the following vaccinations on campus after you arrive for the costs below:

TB Skin Test - $20.00
MMR - $72.00
Meningitis - $157.60

Medical/Health Insurance
All international students must have medical insurance in the United States. Students will automatically be billed for and enrolled in a student medical/health insurance plan provided by the university unless proof of sufficient medical coverage in the U.S. from your home country is provided.

Food/Meal Plan
The friendly food service staff at Augustana provide a wide variety of healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Students are automatically enrolled in an "all-you-can-eat" meal plan.  Students may eat as much and as many times as they like during the Dining Service's regular hours.

Recommended Arrival Dates - Interim and Spring, 2016
Please plan to arrive in Sioux Falls on Sunday, January 3rd for the Interim term or Sunday, January 31st for the Spring term.  International Student Orientation will begin on Monday, January 4th for Interim and Monday, February 1st for Spring.  As soon as you book your flights, please contact the International Programs Office with your arrival details.  We will arrange to pick you up at the airport in Sioux Falls.  Students are welcome to arrive in the U.S. prior to the recommended arrival date, however on-campus accommodations will be unavailable until Sunday, January 3rd.  View a list of hotels in SIoux Falls that offer discounts to Augustana students and their families.  

Parents Traveling to Augustana
Though we recognize that not all parents have the ability to travel with their children to Sioux Falls, we welcome those who can to join us for a short period of time before orientation begins.  In this case, we recommend parents arrive with students in Sioux Falls on Sunday, January 3rd or Sunday, January 31st for Spring.  Parents are welcome during the first day of orientation, but we will ask you to say farewell that evening.  Due to housing contraints on campus, we cannot offer parents a place to stay on campus.  Several hotels in SIoux Falls offer a discount to families connected to Augustana, however, so we invite parents to consider them for their stay in Sioux Falls.  Please contact us with your parents' arrival and departure information once they have booked flights.

Flight arrangements to Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Airlines offer direct flights to Sioux Falls from the following large U.S. cities: Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, and Denver. The Sioux Falls Regional Airport (FSD) is served by Delta, United, American and Frontier airlines. Submit your flight information online or forward your itinerary to the IPO and we will arrange your pick up from the Sioux Falls airport (FSD). We look forward to greeting you when you arrive!

International Student Orientation
Orientation begins on January 4th for Interim and February 1st for Spring.  International student orientation will include campus tours, city tours, assistance with setting up a bank account and mobile phone service, as well as information regarding immigration, campus employment, academics at Augustana, housing, and much more. Please see the full list of important dates for incoming international students.

Learn More about Sioux Falls
If you are like us in the International Programs Office, you love to travel. We also love to plan fun things to do and see. Sioux Falls is a great city that offers many opportunities to international students.

Packing for College
Packing for college can be a challenge, whether you are traveling five kilometers or 10,000.  Creating a pre-departure checklist is essential.  We arecommend that students subscribe to the philosophy of "less is more," meaning that you should pack light. Sioux Falls, with a metropolitan population of nearly 250,000, is home to a wide array of retail and thrift stores. You will be able to find anything you need once you arrive.  ACE Ambassadors and IPO staff will provide transportation for your initial shopping needs.  Please use this packing list for suggestions on what to bring wiht you.

Important Dates
Be sure to review our list of important dates, the list of fun excursions provided by the IPO for the school year, and the registrar's projected academic calendar for the coming school year.

Making Payments to Augustana University
Augustana's business office generally expects payment for each semester to be made in full at least 15 days prior to the start of classes each semester.  Visit your student portal account for balance information.  In some cases, a payment plan may be arranged.  Please contact the business office at +1 606.274.4109 to discuss this option.  Augustana accepts most major credit cards as well as international wire transfer payments.