Frequently Asked Room Selection Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that often come up regarding Room Selection. We've tried to organize them by category a bit, so please be sure to visit each of the links below for information about each topic.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Center for Campus Life at 605.274.5215 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions About...

Room Selection

Q: When can I sign up for theme houses and apartments?

A: Theme house and apartment applications are available beginning in December. 

Q: When can I sign up for residence hall rooms?
A: Residence Hall rooms can be selected on Room Selection Day.

Q: How will I know when I can choose a space on Room Selection Day?
A: In late February, you will receive an email from Campus Life that indicates your Room Selection Number and at which time you will be able to go through on Room Selection Day. These numbers are assigned randomly, based on your high school graduation date. Rising sophomores (current first-year students) select first so as to uphold our residency requirement. Rising juniors and seniors will select after sophomores. 

Q: Can I live in the same place next year as I did this year?
A: Yes! Students living in apartments and select residence halls can participate in Same Room Selection (previously known as homesteading). 

Q: I am currently studying abroad. How do I sign up for housing for next year?
A: For students studying abroad, we will be utilizing the proxy system. A proxy is someone who you have designated to choose your space for you on Room Selection Day. You will need to fill out the proxy form before Room Selection Day. If you don’t have a proxy in mind, staff in the Center for Campus Life will be able to assist you in selecting a space during Room Selection Day.

Q: I will be studying abroad during the fall semester. What should I do?
A:  You can attend Room Selection Day and select the space you would like for January and spring. L the staff member assisting you know you will only be there for interim and spring semesters.

Q: What happens if I can’t make my designated time on Room Selection Day?
A: We have created a Proxy system that will allow you to designate someone who can attend in your place and choose for you.

Q: My friend and I want to live together. Can we go through Room Selection Day together and use the best number in our group?
A: Yes! You absolutely can. Make sure that whoever has the best (lowest) number is either in attendance, or has designated a proxy, and you will be able to go through at that time.

Q: My roommate for next year has a better (lower) Room Selection Number, but can’t make the designated time on Room Selection Day.  Can I use my roommate's number?
A: If the two of you are planning to room together, you will be allowed to go through Room Selection Day together, using the better of the two numbers. If your roommate has the better number and won't be able to attend, they must fill out the proxy form.

Q: How do I sign up for housing if I don't have a roommate?
A: If you are having trouble identifying a roommate for the coming year, please visit with your Area Director or the Center for Campus Life. We will be keeping a list of all students who have not yet identified a roommate and may be able to make suggestions about possible pairings. We are also hosting a roommate social event in the spring semester for folks who are looking for a roommate. Check Viking Central for details.

Q: What happens if there aren’t any rooms left when I go through on Room Selection Day?
A: Don’t panic! We fully anticipate being able to house everyone who wants to be housed next year. Every year, we enter into the summer with a waiting list of students who haven’t been assigned a room. That is perfectly normal. And, usually, by mid-June to early July, we have housed everyone on our waiting list. Furthermore, we are usually even able to grant a majority of requests for specific locations. There is never a guarantee, of course, that you will get exactly what you want when we are able to offer you a space, but we try very hard to get as close as possible.

Q:  What if I don't get the kind of housing I wanted?
A: During Room Selection Day, you can add your name to wait lists after signing up for a room. As shifting occurs, which inevitably happens every year, we will contact students on that list, in the order in which they signed up, and offer whatever spaces become available. If you have further concerns about housing for the next year, visit with your Area Director or the Center for Campus Life.

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Residency Requirement

Q:  Who is required to live on campus?
A:  Augustana requires all first and second-year students to live on campus. View Augustana's Residency Requirement for more information.

Q: I'm currently a first-year student but will be a junior by credits at the start of next year. Am I eligible to sign up for East Hall, the apartments, or theme houses?

A: No. For housing purposes, your class year is determined by the year you graduated high school, not by credit hours earned.

Q:  How do I get approval to move off-campus if I am a first- or second-year student?
A:  Please visit Living Off-Campus for information about off-campus approvals.

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Housing Contract

Q: Do I have to sign a Housing Contract on Room Selection Day?
A: Yes!  Everyone who signs up for a space on-campus will need to fill out a Housing Contract on Room Selection Day.

Q:  Can I cancel my Housing Contract if I change my mind about living on campus?
A:  First- and second-year students are required to live on campus unless approved by Campus Life. Third-years students and above may cancel their housing by June 1 of the contract year without penalty. After June 1, students who cancel will receive a $400 cancellation fee and forfeiture of their $100 housing deposit.

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Housing Options

Q: Who can live in apartments or theme houses?
A: These housing options are available to third-year students and above.

Q: How many theme houses are there?
A: There are currently 6 theme houses available. 

Q: What if I am married or have a family? Can we live on campus?
A: Yes, you can! Costello Hall is an apartment complex designed with you in mind. Costello houses married students, students with families, and graduate students, as well as a number of other students who are looking for something other than the traditional residential spaces offered throughout the rest of campus. If you are interested in Costello Hall, please contact the Center for Campus Life to inquire about availability and the application process.

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Single Rooms

Q: How do I sign up for a single room?
A: Single rooms are designated throughout Tuve, East, Stavig and Granskou Halls. Available single rooms are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis during Room Selection Day. If a single room is available when you are permitted to select a space on Room Selection Day, you may do so. If no single rooms are available, you will be expected to select a space in a double room, but can be placed on a single room waiting list. If a single room becomes available, we will contact you via phone call and Augie email to confirm your asignment change.

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