Faculty Recognition Award

Augustana Seal

The Augustana Student Association recognizes the following recipients of the Faculty Recognition Award. Students nominate and select one recipient of the award each year, which is given for excellence in teaching and distinguished service to the students of Augustana College.

2015 Dr. Rick Andrews Music
2014 Dr. Jeffrey Miller English/Journalism
2013 Dr. Russel Svenningsen Music
2012 Dr. Margaret Preston History
2011 Dr. William Swart Sociology
2010 Dr. Ann Pederson Religion
2009 Dr. Julie Ashworth Education
2008 Dr. Janet Blank-Libra English/Journalism
2007 Dr. David O'Hara Philosophy
2006 Dr. Reynold Nesiba Economics
2005 Dr. Monica Soukup Education
2004 Dr. Christina DeVita Psychology
2002 Dr. Scott Fish French