Anthropology students conduct field work at the Prehistoric Indian Village in Mitchell, SD

Augustana's anthropology department is anchored by a fully functioning Archeology Lab that has been in operation on campus since 1982.

This exciting major, led by Dr. Adrien Hannus, offers a wealth of experience through internships, hands-on learning, and excavations at sites in South Dakota and around the country, as well as overseas in an exchange program with the University of Exeter in England.

The study of anthropology is the study of humankind: Who are we and how did we come to be this way? What makes us different and where do we share a common humanity?


Anthropology provides a foundation for interacting with diverse human cultures and integrates theory and practice from a variety of academic traditions, including art, language, history, sociology, biology, chemistry and more. As trained observers of people as well as interpreters of thousands of generations of excavated evidence, anthropologists immerse themselves in the humanities and the arts and the social and natural sciences.


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