Top 10 Methods for Finding Jobs

David Letterman has his top 10 lists. Here is one of ours. The list below is simply a starting point. Contact the Student Success Center for individual consultation tailored to your career objective.
  1. Networking: Despite technical advances in recruiting, networking remains one of the most effective methods to learn about opportunities, and it is as simple as talking with your friends and family. During these conversations, share some information about your qualifications, desired position and preferred geographical area. Conclude by asking if they can identify anyone else that you should speak with or if they know of any job openings. Whether it is faculty, staff, alumni or your current classmates, you also benefit from an extensive and supportive Augustana community. Connect with alumni on LinkedIn. Stop by the Student Success Center to learn more about upcoming networking events, alumni mentoring, LinkedIn and more!
  2. Augie Opportunities  & On-Campus Recruiting: View positions currently advertised through the Student Success Center.
  3. Organization Websites: Identify the organizations you aspire to work for and routinely monitor their listings. If you are less familiar with the labor market in your preferred geographical area, browse the Chamber of Commerce directory to better understand the organizations that exist in the community.
  4. Commercial Search Engines: Indeed is a favorite among Student Success Center staff. Others to consider include ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Monster
  5. Professional Associations or State Agencies: More than likely the professional associations in your field post vacancies at no cost to their members on their website or LinkedIn group. For example, if you are interested in human resources, browse the national or local listings of the Society for Human Resources. Teachers may also benefit from the centralized postings of the Associated School Board of South Dakota.
  6. State Job Banks: Every state has a Department of Labor office that invests resources in workforce development and job searching. Employers can post opportunities for free. You are required to register, but there are no user fees. Identify the respective office of the states you are targeting in your search and browse their listings. 
  7. Job Fairs: In a small amount of time you can develop relationships with many employers which could result in a future interview or job lead. The South Dakota B.I.G. Job Fair and Augustana's Experience Expo both take place early in the spring semester.
  8. LinkedIn: Research organizations, connect with Augustana alumni and search for openings using LinkedIn Jobs. If you know who will be interviewing you, view their profile before their conversation. Meet with Success Center staff to optimize your profile to ensure you appear at the top of recruiters' search results. As with any social media platform, be professional at all times to maintain a positive personal brand. 
  9. Recruiter Outreach: Whether it is a personal phone call or in-person visit, speaking with Human Resources at your desired organization can be effective. Communicate professionally and be respectful of any requests they make related to job inquiries. Some organizations prefer to communicate through their online applicant tracking system. If they have not discouraged phone calls, research the company and identify a specific individual to contact. 
  10. Staffing Agencies: Employment agencies can be a great way to get your foot in the door, but you should carefully review the terms of service and be selective about the positions you accept. Augustana has established rapport with reputable organizations in several geographical areas that can help you secure relevant temporary employment that often converts to a full-time position.