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Academic Catalog

The following is a listing of all academic programs available at Augustana along with whether they are available as a major, minor and/or pre-professional program. Also available are:

New students to Augustana should contact the Admission Office for registration information. High School students interested in Dual Credit Opportunities offered in their high school or on Augustana's campus can learn more here.

Academic Programs Major Minor Pre-Professional
Accounting X X  
Actuarial Studies   X  
Aging Studies   X  
American Studies X X  
Ancient Languages   X  
Anthropology X X  
Art X X  
Biochemistry (ACS) X    
Biology X X  
Business Administration X X  
Chemical Physics X    
Chemistry X X  
Chemistry (ACS) X    
Children and Youth   X  
Chiropractic     X
Classics X X  
Coaching   X  
Communication Disorders X    
Communication Studies X X  
Communication Studies/Business X    
Computer Information Systems X X  
Computer Science X X  
Data Science X X  
Dentistry     X
Economics X X  
Education, All-Grades (Must double major) X    
Education, Secondary (2nd major only) X    
Elementary Education X    
Engineering     X
Engineering Physics X    
English X X  
Entrepreneurship   X  
Environmental Studies X X  
Exercise Science X    
Finance X    
Fitness Management X X  
French X X  
General Studies Courses      
Genetic Counseling     X
Government & International Affairs X X  
Health Education X    
History X X  
Interdisciplinary X    
International Studies (2nd major only) X    
Journalism X X  
Languages, Literatures and Cultures X X  
Law     X
Management X    
Marketing X    
Mathematics X X  
Media Studies X X  
Medical Humanities and Society   X  
Medical Laboratory Science X    
Medicine     X
Mortuary Science     X
Multimedia Entrepreneurship X    
Music X X  
Music Education X    
Native American Studies      
Northern Plains Studies   X  
Nursing X    
Occupational Therapy     X
Optometry     X
Pharmacy     X
Philosophy X X  
Physical Education X    
Physical Therapy     X
Physician Assistant     X
Physics X X  
Political Philosophy   X  
Psychology X X  
Religion X X  
Religion/Philosophy X    
Sign Language Interpreting X    
Sign Language Studies   X  
Sociology X X  
Spanish X X  
Special Education (must double-major) X X  
Sport Management X    
STEM Composite (must be double major) X    
Theatre X X  
Theology     X
Veterinary Medicine     X
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