Plagiarism Statement

Academic Integrity is vital to the academic environment at Augustana University because it involves the search for and acquisition of knowledge and understanding. Evaluation of each student's level of knowledge, understanding, and ability to synthesize and integrate materials requires tangible assessment via reports, examinations, and homework. Any willful misrepresentation of the relation between the work being evaluated and the student's actual state of knowledge is an act of academic dishonesty.

Plagiarism can take several different forms, including the following: 

  • Using the exact language of someone else without the use of quotation marks and without giving proper credit to the author.
  • Rearranging another's ideas or material and presenting them as though they are one's original work without giving appropriate acknowledgment.
  • Submitting a document written by someone else as one's own work.

Any form a plagiarism is a violation of Augustana University's Honor Code and is subject to the consequences articulated therein.