Departure Checklist

Whether you are departing for the summer, graduating, or ending your exchange program at Augustana, there are important steps to take to prepare for your departure.

Carefully review this checklist:

  • I-20 Signatures: If you are returning to Augustana next semester, come to the International Programs Office to get your I-20 signed.
  • Transcripts: Request copies of your Augustana transcript in person at the Registrar’s Office or online.  We recommend that you request several copies for your personal records, your school back home (if you are an exchange student), employment purposes and/or for graduate school applications.  You can complete the form to prior to the posting of final grades and the registrar's office will forward your final transcript once all grades have been entered. Once you depart campus, you may request additional transcripts online.  Official paper copies of transcripts are provided and mailed via standard USPS at no charge, but you may choose to pay for shipping through our Global E-Ship program to ensure a more timely and secure delivery. Official electronic transcripts are assessed a $5 processing fee.
  • Mail
    • Remaining in the US: Change your address for summer mail delivery, or if you are graduating, for permanent delivery.  You should receive a “Change of Address” form in your campus mailbox.  Complete the form and return it to the Post Office window in the Commons before you depart campus.  (Note: first-class mail will be forwarded to U.S. address if applicable; second-class and bulk mail will be recycled.)  The Commons Post Office will forward your change of address to the Business Office.  If you do not have a campus mailbox, please stop by the Business Office to change your mailing address.
    • Leaving the US: Please complete the "Change of Address" form before you depart so that Augustana can update our records. Additionally, be sure to either close or update your address with you bank account(s), cell phone provider(s), employer(s), or any US business that would send you mail. This is essential, as mail sent to a US address will not be forwarded to international addresses.
  • Flight plans: Be sure to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. Contact a reliable friend to transport you to the airport. IPO staff may be available to assist with rides if given prior notice and during standard work hours. Alternatively, book a Lyft or taxi, which should cost about $15, one way.
    • Check airline luggage restrictions: Airlines have set strict limits and charge high fees if you have more bags or more weight in your bag than allowed.
  • Business Office: Check out with the Business Office to ensure that your account balance is zero so that they can begin to process your housing damage deposit refund. Augustana will not process any transcript requests if you have an unpaid balance.  If you are graduating or not returning, please leave your credit card number at the Business Office so they can refund any portion of your housing damage deposit that is due to you.  Damage refunds may take 30 business days after your room checkout to process. Students who do not provide their credit card information to the Business Office for housing deposit refunds will forfeit their housing deposit.
  • Textbooks: All rented textbooks are due to the bookstore by the last day of finals. Sell books back or keep them for future use if not rented from the bookstore.
  • Library: Return borrowed items from the Library.
  • Packing: Get packing supplies (boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. These supplies are available at Walgreens, Target, Lewis Drug and Walmart. Summer storage is available for students who are from over 500 miles away. Pay attention to your email messages from Campus Life about specific information. Label all boxes/suitcases with your name, contact info and number of items. (Ex: Box 1 of 5)
  • Residence hall room check out: CLEAN your room. Your housing damage deposit will be affected if you do not clean your room. Schedule a time to check out of your room or apartment. Contact your Viking Advisor, Hall Director, or Apartment Manager. Review conditions document. If you do not complete an official check-out with your VA or Hall Director, you may lose your housing deposit. Underclassmen should check out 24 hours after their last final. Seniors should check out the Sunday after graduation, however, if you need to stay longer, due to flights or other travel arrangements, you MUST be in contact with Residence Life staff for approval.
  • Selling items: Post items you may want to sell online or on notice boards around campus.
  • Donating items: Bring items that may be useful to future students to the IPO. Generally we accept bedding, winter clothing, fans, lamps, laundry baskets, waste baskets. We will NOT accept large furniture or personal items such as toiletries and clothing. Goodwill may accept some of the items that the IPO cannot take.
  • Say Goodbye: If you are graduating or not returning to the campus, we recommend that you write old-fashioned thank-you notes to your professors, friendship family, friends, housing staff, etc. (Facebook is ok, but a handwritten note is special.)
  • Exchange students: Sponsored students on programs with IREX, World Learning, American Councils, or IIE need to follow their program departure checklists for additional responsibilities.
  • Summer work: Notify the IPO if you will be working on or off-campus this summer. Remember you need to get work authorization on your I-20 from the IPO to work off-campus.
  • Staying on campus over the summer: Be sure to fill out the summer housing application to ensure your place on campus.
  • Summer Parking: Talk to Campus Safety about long-term summer parking for your vehicle. All vehicles left on campus must be approved by Campus Safety.

Graduates have additional checklist items:

  • Watch for emails from the Augustana Alumni Association about your alumni benefits, including how to keep in touch with other alumni.