Systemically Non-Dominant Student Opportunities

African Students Union

Students of African and non-African descent are dedicated to the education of the Augustana University community at large of the different cultures that comprise the African continent. The African Students Union (ASU) aims to provide a platform for effective dialogue towards positive contributions to the development of Africa. ASU also provides a network of support for African students at Augustana and serves as a source of information for any member of the Augustana community interested in learning about Africa. ASU is a service as well as social organization which aims to rid misconceptions concerning Africa through education.

ASU Logo

Asian Student Organization

The purposes of the Asian Student Organization (ASO) are as follows: 

  • Education of the Asian culture, traditions, cuisines and values
  • Outreach to both the Augustana University and the surrounding community to better understand other cultures outside of the Asian community
  • The provision of a safe social environment in which the Asian community of Augustana can connect with one another and feel a sense of togetherness that the can share with the broader inclusive Augustana community
  • Connecting students with community leaders, organizations and other resources
  • Mediate and serve as an advocate for difficult conversations with the community and outside
  • Representation of all cultures that identify with Asia

Augie FEM

Augie Feminist Equality Movement (FEM) speaks for all people who identify as women, are non-binary and have a history of being assigned female. Augie FEM is passionate about elevating the voices of individuals who feel shut out by bigotry, racism and hate.

Augie FEM

Augustana International Club

The purpose of the organization is to promote cultural exchange and international programming among U.S. and international students at Augustana. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Partnering with the IPO to plan and enhance participation in current international programming and intercultural activities like Augustana Cultural Exchange (ACE), Rendezvous, and International Education Week.
  • Developing new student-led programming and activities.
  • Helping students enhance intercultural skills, international competency, and cross-cultural communication through cultural exchange and learning. 
  • Developing leadership opportunities for students in the international realm. 
  • Providing an environment to foster friendships between domestic and international students.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BsU) is a group that identifies as well as highlights the diversity on and surrounding Augustana University’s campus by having events, holding speeches and discussing topics involving race that are pressing our society today. By bringing these topics to the group’s attention, it allows people to understand more than their own culture through the perspective of their peers. Here, we encourage all races and ethnic backgrounds to come and learn about black culture as well as their own. 


Deaf Awareness

The goal of Deaf Awareness is to educate others about Deafness, Deaf culture, the Deaf Community, as well as expose others to the use of American Sign Language (ASL).

Deaf Awareness hosts events that help bridge the gap between Deaf and hearing communities and allow for interaction between the local Deaf community and AU students. The organization welcomes all students regardless of signing ability.

Deaf Awareness

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

The Augustana Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is an organization committed to the representation and advocacy of the gender/sexual diverse. GSA works closely within the Augustana University community to promote acceptance and inclusive policies on campus, as well as to perform outreach volunteering with the surrounding community.


La Unión Hispana

The Hispanic Union organization is a safe space for Latinos and Hispanics on the Augustana University campus and for all people on campus to share the culture. Also, understand the culture on a deeper level by organizing events, Q&As, and activities about the Hispanic culture. As well, the purpose of the club is to spread awareness of Hispanic’s issues and struggles in the U.S. 

La Union Hispana

Native American Student Association

The Native American Student Association (NASA) looks to engage current students who are excited by the promotion, advancement and support of the Native American and Indigenous student body at Augustana University.

Native American student at graduation


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